Lauren Gallagher
Marketing Strategist
Hometown: Topsfield, MA

I lived in New England most of my life. Being a somewhat adventurous sort, I’d always wanted to experience life in a totally different area. I’ve been lucky enough to travel quite a bit around the US and visited Arizona after my parents moved here in 2013. I could see what drew them here, and fell in love with the contrast of the greater Phoenix’s metropolis to the easily accessible mountains and nature wrapping around the valley.

In late summer of 2014, I decided to make the move to Arizona. I quickly got a job as a restaurant server and started looking for any work that both struck me and fit my background. I had worked in sales and recruiting in the past and was questioning if I wanted to continue on that route or try something new. I happened to come across TruPath while searching for jobs one day and just got a positive feeling about everything from the job description to the website. I quickly felt it was worth investigating.

Once I spoke with the managers I was immediately drawn to their somewhat laid-back approach as well as their transparency. The more I learned about what the company represented, the more excited I became! While still in the interview process, I saw a quote posted on TruPath’s Facebook page that read, “If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship don’t ask what seat! Just get on.” That struck a chord, and I realized that this really isn’t your average gig… it’s a “rocket ship” opportunity.

I have always tried to push and challenge myself, whether professionally or personally. The fun part about being part of such a small professional group is to see the effects of our individual efforts. It’s reinforcing. I joined the team as a business developer. In this capacity, I can focus entirely on building a new group of clients, which is quite exciting! I look forward to growing as a contributor and seeing how TruPath continues to evolve.

“Trust is a word that gets used a lot, but it truly is paramount to a company’s success. It’s something that’s earned via honesty and open communication on both sides.”

“Listening to our clients and understanding their needs and goals is foundational to our process. We aren’t here to read a job description and go. We need to understand their specific challenges and work environment in order to search for successful candidates on their behalf.”

Community Partnership is a vital part of TruPath’s framework. Whether through involvement in local business organizations or volunteering efforts, it’s important to get our name and faces out there and it’s simply rewarding to give back.

“Being able to learn from mistakes and seeking out opportunities for improvement are fundamentals of a growth and learning mindset.”

“One important aspect of a positive team environment is fostering a workspace of transparency. Employees need to feel that their voice is valued in order to thrive.”