Melissa Knoblock
Business Development
Hometown: Chicago, IL

I’m originally from Chicago but I’ve lived in Arizona for almost 13 years. I still love visiting, but the beautiful Arizona weather keeps me calling this home.  However! I will forever be a Cubs fan, and I look forward to Spring Training each year.

I started working in the staffing industry when I moved here in 2005.  At the time, I didn’t know anything about recruiting or supporting an organization’s hiring needs. Now, 13 years later, it’s all I know.  I love the challenge of understanding what a business truly needs and following through with a commitment to meet those needs. I’ve developed many wonderful relationships over the years and I can honestly say I love being a true business partner. I believe my dedication to following through and providing strong customer service makes long-term partnerships possible.  I want to help now and still be that same reliable resource years from now.

Joining the TruPath team has been a great match for me and I’m happy to say with confidence that they share the same values I have when it comes to being a staffing partner. Being part of a team that really cares about our clients and the candidates we put to work is extremely rewarding.  With every new business relationship, my goal is to help. I’m very fortunate to be with an organization and in a role where I can do exactly that.  

“Trust is critical in every type of relationship. I believe with a strong foundation of Trust every relationship will benefit.”

“We are nothing without Clients. If we are to be a true partner we have to put the customer first.”

“Community partnership means taking the time to get out into the community and make an impact. Whether that’s simply knowing your neighbors or attending local charity events. Taking the extra time to make a difference in one person’s life or several can impact a whole community and that’s how change happens.”

“There is also room for growth and learning. Sharing best practices makes everyone better.”

“Being part of a positive team is so important. Knowing each individual is valued makes for a much stronger team.”