ryan mckellips

Ryan McKellips
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

Growing up in the frozen tundra of Minnesota, I often dreamed of living somewhere sunny… a place where I didn’t have to worry about freezing to death every day. Maybe a slight exaggeration, but I always looked elsewhere to live. I decided that Phoenix was my spot, and took the opportunity to experience a completely different environment than what I’d grown up in. Thankfully, I don’t have to shovel sunshine, and I’m loving it!

Prior to moving to AZ, I worked as a soccer coach as well as in various restaurant industry roles. Ready for a new challenge, I joined TruPath as a Recruiting Assistant. I soon realized that this was the kind of career I could see myself in for some time to come. While balancing both bartending and my new day job, I worked hard, built my interpersonal skills, and was eventually promoted to full-time Recruiter. This can be a challenging job, but I strive to both meet and exceed my goals every day. TruPath works with all kinds of clients looking to fill a wide range of positions. This helps keep things fresh and interesting, and we all continue to learn something new every day.

With this new (Tru)path, I have grown and continue to develop both professionally and personally, but I also have the opportunity to take this company to places it hasn’t been. We have a different way of thinking when it comes to recruiting and it shows in every client and candidate we work with. Ultimately, I moved to Phoenix for the sunshine and stayed for the opportunity. I look forward to seeing what the future brings as TruPath continues to evolve!

TruPrinciples Trust“I build trust by consistently having the best interests in mind for our clients, our company, and our candidates.”
TruPrinciples Client Advocacy“We are passionate about giving our best to our clients. This starts with gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s wants and needs in a candidate prior to commencing a search.”
TruPrinciples Integrity In Communication“Being geniune and honest in all communication is key. A client, co-worker, or candidate can be lost simply by not being open about the smallest detail.”
TruPrinciples Growth Learning Mindset“I am eager to grow both personally and professionally in every way possible. Being open to new thoughts and ideas provides me with potential for daily growth. I enjoy learning from others whose processes are different from my own.”
TruPrinciples Positive Team Environment“I believe that a positive team environment brings out the best in each individual. Understanding what motivates those around you can help us to accomplish great things!”