February 14, 2015 lauren

5 MSP Benefits You Should Know

msp benefitsThe staffing industry has evolved greatly in recent years, as an increasing number of businesses now outsource this process. Rather than going directly to the staffing firm, however, more organizations are using a managed staff program (MSP) to handle all of their temporary workforce requirements. By using this third party to work with local staffing firms, organizations give themselves many more options as they attempt to keep themselves running at optimum levels.

Here are five MSP benefits that you should know about:

1. Someone Else Will Manage

One of the major concerns when working with temporary employees is that someone has to manage them. This puts extra pressure on your current managers, since they probably already have enough duties around the office. An MSP partner will handle the reporting and tracking of these employees, so that your managers can focus on their existing workload.

2. Longstanding Relationships

One thing that you will quickly notice when you hire an MSP firm is that they have existing relationships with many staffing firms in your area. This can lead to faster hires for your organization because the staffing firm knows handle the MSP provider’s needs first. The staffing firm makes more money by developing this relationship with the MSP and you benefit by not having to wait for new workers.

3. Costs Less

Money will be saved right from the beginning if your organization decides to use an MSP. This is because in many cases, your provider can work out bulk rates with these staffing agencies, which will cost you less. These vendors have much more pull with staffing firms than you would have on your own, allowing them to negotiate terms for you.

4. Consistent Culture

The culture within your office is largely determined by the people at you hire. Your MSP knows exactly how culture can affect the workplace environment and will work hard to make all new hires consistent with the atmosphere that you are trying to create. Having someone who is in tune with your culture goes a long way towards keeping office morale high.

5. Meet Different Requirements

Once your MSP has a contingent labor program in place, you will have access to workers of all types. Whether you need a skilled professional or an entry-level laborer, your MSP will work with staffing firms in your area to find the perfect employees to meet your needs. As your requirements change from month to month, your MSP will adapt its hiring processes to keep you adequately staffed at all times.