May 4, 2017 TruPath

Call Center Employee Requirements: What To Look For

Keeping a call center staffed with excellent customer service representatives can be a tough task. But if you know precisely what to look for in call center employees, you will end up better equipped to lead a great team. Take a look at some of the top call center employee requirements to look for in your next hiring cycle.

Call Center Employee Requirements

Look for the multi-tasker, the one with excellent communication skills, the one who’s punctual and detail-oriented and great at asking all the right questions. Call center recruiting requires a specific idea of who you’re looking for to push the business forward. A call center employee’s communication skills should be both written and oral; this skill comes in handy when dealing with phone calls as well as writing down the nature of each customer call. Finally, you should search for team players. In call center recruiting, highlight the teamwork element that boosts company productivity.


One of the most critical call center employee requirements is multitasking. During the interview and vetting process, do your candidates express a history of juggling many tasks at once? Can they jump from call to call, take notes, process information and send customers to the right resources as though it were second-nature? The best call center employees can focus on the task at hand — as well as everything else going on around them that proves important to the work.

Excellent Communication Skills

Another item at the top of the list of call center employee requirements is communication. You can test this skill out during the interview process by providing a sample call for the candidate. Can he or she handle an agitated, frustrated customer on the other end? Can the candidate execute each incoming call with ease and grace? When staffing a call center, it’s necessary to hire great communicators — and avoid toxic personalities.

Enthusiastic & Punctual

Anyone should be able to “hear” the smile in any call center employee’s voice through the phone. Customer service representatives must remain upbeat and positive through the good and bad. When hiring for a call center, it’s also important that employees come to the office on time and leave at a proper time.


One of the most critical call center employee requirements lies in the willingness to assist customers in need. Can your customer service representative candidate direct a customer to the right resources in a timely, efficient manner? A mock phone call and an employee reference check can help reveal whether the candidate accommodates people effectively.


The interview allows you to gauge whether a call center candidate works well with a team. As a potential representative at your call center, the candidate should be able to recount an example of successful teamwork in a previous role. Call centers consist of a variety of personalities and working styles — so make sure your candidate meshes well with the culture.


Ask the candidate about a particularly negative phone call he or she has handled. Then, inquire about a positive one. How did each of these situations turn out? The best of the best call center candidates have endured the rough-and-tumble nature of the work involved. Ask situational questions — phrased as “What would you do in the event that a customer ____…?” — in the interview to uncover the applicant’s qualifications and their methods of handling on-the-spot predicaments.

When staffing your call center, focus on how you can showcase your company to attract excellent customer service representatives. Camaraderie among coworkers, flexibility in scheduling, and a sense of teamwork can all be call center job highlights that can help you recruit the best employees.

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