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By 2025, the legal cannabis market is projected to grow to $25 billion. As cannabis laws continue to change across the nation, so will the industry. All in all, it has never been a better time to take advantage of this growing new market.

In the cannabis industry, there are two categories your organization likely fits. Your organization may be the one to cultivate cannabis plants and would require the right cultivating staff.

Or, you could run an ancillary cannabis company that supports this cannabis cultivation with marketing, data management, or otherwise.

Regardless of what type of cannabis organization you run, finding employees that are culturally aligned with your company is crucial. By partnering with high-quality cannabis recruiters who understand the industry, you can find the right staff when you need them.

To help your candidate search, we’ve put together the following list of the top cannabis recruiters nationwide to consider.

Top Cannabis Recruiters Nationwide

1. TruPath

The team at TruPath helps established organizations find culturally aligned talent. Its team has placed over 16,000 motivated candidates in a variety of roles across multiple industries. By adding the cannabis industry to its ever-growing list of markets, TruPath adapts its tried and true niche recruitment process to cultivate success for cannabis organizations nationwide.

By and large, TruPath has the experience to help you find your next great hire with its comprehensive employer services.

In addition, TruPath’s team takes the time to understand your organization’s unique vision and needs. In doing so, the team can deliver high caliber talent for your most critical roles.


Phone: 1 844-TRUPATH (878-7284)

2. Vangst

With over 150,000 active candidates, Vangst’s candidate database covers an extensive range of skill sets that vary from entry-level to executive-level positions.

With its qualification and screening process, Vangst ensures clients receive top-quality candidates from inside and outside the cannabis industry.

Additionally, Vangst offers visitors an insight into the cannabis industry, with details such as 2019 salary numbers as well as cannabis industry details by state.


Phone: (844) 482-6478

3. Viridian Staffing

Starting in 2013, Viridian Staffing has over five years of hard-earned experience staffing in the cannabis industry.

Additionally, the team of elite cannabis recruiters at Viridian Staffing brings candidate networks from related industries, such as agriculture, biotechnology, healthcare, and more.


Phone: 1 (800) 961-6527

4. H2 Talent

The team at H2 Talent draws from its broad experts and connections across the country. The cannabis recruiters at H2 Talent provide clients with the right mix of talent — from Directors of Cultivation to Ph.D. chemists and the C-suite, and more.

By understanding your company’s culture, H2 Talent services help clients find candidates with the best expertise who fit in your culture as well as contribute from day one to your overall success.


Phone: (720) 307-4418

5. Gehl Search Partners

Gehl Search Partners has a focus on the cannabis industry as well as other highly regulated industries, such as the adult beverage industry.

In addition to its executive recruitment services, Gehl Search Partners provides a consultative talent strategy for your company.

In other words, its team is continuously building relationships to ensure it can provide clients with the right talent in the long run rather than the right talent at the moment.


Phone: (707) 368-3625

6. Kaplan Executive Search

Kaplan Executive Search works with plant-touching, direct support, and ancillary service providers in the cannabis industry to recruit top talent across all levels in your organization.

Clients can take advantage of the services the cannabis recruiters at Kaplan Executive Search provide, such as its retained executive search as well as outsourcing.


Phone: (877) 366-6562

7. Hemp Temps

Hemp Temps is a dedicated full-service organization that meets all of your staffing needs. Its expert team combines years of experience and applies this knowledge to its staffing process.

Hemp Temps is a Colorado-based company with an office located in Denver and Colorado Springs. Nonetheless, its motivated team provides services to clients across the country with candidates who are MED-badged, experienced, professional, and reliable.


Phone: (303) 532-4786

8. Cannabiz Team

The recruiters at Cannabiz Team are focused on helping your organization build strategic leadership teams. By partnering with Cannabiz Team, your company’s leadership can gain a competitive edge, profitability as well as sustained growth.

In addition, job seekers can contact the team at Cannabiz Team to see what positions are available at top cannabis organizations in the industry.


Phone: (858) 519-8882

9. Emerald Employment

Emerald Employment is a farm labor contractor as well as a staffing agency with a focus on cannabis cultivation and manufacturing.

The team at Emerald Employment serves the entire California area and is dedicated to keeping the spirit of Humboldt County alive as well as maintain safe work environments.


Phone: 707 630-5241

10. Ms. Mary Staffing

Ms. Mary Staffing provides specific staffing solutions to organizations in the cannabis industry. Additionally, its team of experts helps clients with HR solutions as well as implementing any necessary payroll solutions.

Ms. Mary Staffing has experience staffing a variety of positions, from accounting to security as well as sales and marketing.


Phone: 1 (800) 792-6491

Sustain Your Organization’s Growth

To meet the changing needs of the cannabis industry, you need flexible staff that is dedicated to your organization’s success. Nonetheless, staffing in this burgeoning industry can be difficult. Thus, partnering with a high-quality team of cannabis recruiters can be very beneficial.

Not only can you receive guidance through this new industry, but you can forge long-lasting relationships that help your company grow in the long-run.

These are only a few of the various cannabis recruiters you can find across the nation. However, these are the ones we feel can benefit your organization the most.

Do you know of an organization of cannabis recruiters that should be added to this list? If so, contact the team at TruPath and let them know!

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