November 7, 2017 Lauren Gallagher

How To Find The Right Contract Staffing Firm

Looking to hire contract workers? It’s important to do your research prior to partnering with a contract staffing firm. Factors like the urgency of need, the kind of work performed, length of assignment, and industry experience all come into play. Read on for some tips on where to get started.

Industry Experience

Staffing firms that have experience within the often fast-paced, high volume staffing world likely have strategies of attack in place. Beyond that, having a network to pull from also increases efficiency. What similar companies to yours have they worked with in the past? How was their experience filling those roles? In addition, discuss expectations on length to fill and attrition.

Employee tenure is another important thing to consider. While it’s common for agencies to have a number of younger, less experienced recruiters, ask if there are also more tenured employees in the mix. They likely support and mentor newer recruiters, and can also be a go-to point of contact for you.

Customer Service

Not all staffing agencies operate under the same standards. When having initial discussions, ask them questions about their process. What level of candidate screening do they do (in-person interviews in addition to phone screens? Background checks? Drug screening?). Also, how do they generally treat you as a potential client? Have high expectations. Your agency should be your partner, and the relationship should reflect that. Discuss communication preferences and timelines to ensure that all parties are on the same page.


The way a contract staffing firm presents itself and the work they deliver should closely align. Some companies may promise a lot up front, possibly asking for an initial payment before going to work. However, this type of retained model may not be the most beneficial when looking for contract help. Be sure to always ask plenty of questions up front. Also, will they be there to support you with more hires if/when a portion of candidates ultimately don’t work out?

Workplace Culture

Another factor to consider when evaluating agencies is their culture. This can be anything from their communication style to values. Communication style will be evident fairly quickly, and likely a way you already weigh working relationships. In terms of values, take a look at their website – namely the about page or even their blog. A blog is also a great resource to check what kinds of topics they’re discussing and whether or not they speak to you. The important thing is to find a sense of common ground. Working with an agency is a partnership. While you may not put stock in all the same things, you want to work with a group of people that can in some way relate to your culture and work to understand your business.

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