August 4, 2017 TruPath

Local College Events for Finding Talent

Looking to recruit college students? Keep reading to learn about some local events where it might be good to station recruiters.

Local College Events For Finding Talent

ASU and University of Arizona Job Fairs

Did you know that right here in Phoenix, we house the largest university in the United States? Arizona State University is the largest university in the country, and its main campus is located in Tempe. To cater to the large and diverse population of students, ASU constantly hosts career fairs and other professional outreach events. For instance, ASU’S critically acclaimed W.P. Carey School of Business encompasses over 20 different business majors, and the business school as a whole is both populated and successful enough to warrant major-specific job fairs. ASU hosts annual job fairs strictly for CIS (Computer Information Systems) as well as supply chain management majors.

While it’s not as populated as ASU, Arizona’s second-largest public university, UofA, dominates Tucson. Sending representatives down to UofA to camp out at their job fairs and networking events is a great way to cover your bases, as there is plenty of talent down in Tucson, too! Similar to W.P. Carey, UofA’s pride and joy is their Eller College of Management, and they regularly conduct recruitment events similar to ASU.

No matter which campus you decide to set up shop at, make sure you’re marketing yourself appropriately. University students schedules fill up quickly in advance. Start marketing your event early and don’t rely on archaic things like posters. Promote your event several weeks/months in advance. You want to create buzz, especially among young people. Social media is crucial to get the word out about your company and opportunities.

Internship Programs

Your company should utilize structured internship programs for students to work part-time while still in school. Make sure you employ a well-defined internship program where students will learn, develop skills, and remain challenged. If college students emerge from a fulfilling internship at your business, it provides a surefire way to turn these interns into ambassadors of your company. This not only prepares them to potentially return after graduation but also to attract top students in the future. Additionally, internships are a great way to personalize your approach. You can vet your candidates as much or as little as you want, as well as design the internship specifically to fit your goals and objectives.


As something low-budget and remote, focus on building strong relationships with key academic departments, student clubs and faculty members from universities or university-adjacent programs. This can be as simple as periodically contacting leaders (whether faculty or students) to inform them of recent openings. As you build trust and partnerships with individuals, they’ll become a great talent feed into major areas of your recruitment. Furthermore, consider contacting their career center. Their goal of placing students in secure positions keeps them interested in building relationships with great employers.

Hopefully, our ideas helped you get some inspiration for your college recruiting process. If you need any additional recruiting help, consider utilizing TruPath to help match you with top talent and employees. What other local talent search events have you taken advantage of?

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