Manjeera Alankar
Associate Recruiter
Hometown: Bangalore, India

I was born and raised in India. For almost five years I was working for an American-based company in the financial sector. I’d never even thought about moving to the U.S., until I realized destiny had other plans for me! I married my husband in 2014 and moved to the U.S. in 2015. We spent much of that time long-distance, which was definitely a challenge. Finally, after some time in Dallas, we settled here in the Grand Canyon State. I was really excited about the change and looked forward to exploring this beautiful valley!

At first, I had a lot of apprehension about getting my career back on track. An opportunity to work for the same company that I was associated with in India came up and I jumped at it. This was a perfect short-term solution, but I’d always had a desire to pursue a career in HR/Recruiting.

While exploring my options, I learned about Right Skills’ “Essentials of Recruiting for the Staffing Industry.” This is an online program that opened the door for me to pursue a recruiting career. During my search, I came across the Associate Recruiter opportunity with TruPath and applied.

The hiring manager and I had a great initial phone call and we scheduled a pursuant in-person meeting. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview. It was great learning about how TruPath evolved as a company and it inspired me! As of a part of the selection process, I was challenged with a writing assignment. This was an exciting way to demonstrate my creative ability. In the end, I was extended an offer with TruPath. Yay!

TruPath is undoubtedly one of the best places to work. We have a great culture. One of my first events here was a volunteer day at a local homeless shelter. We grilled food and served hundreds of people. Opportunities like that are a fantastic way to grow as a team, and more importantly, give back to the local community. I’m very much looking forward to becoming a full-time Recruiter and everything else that the future here brings!

TruPrinciples Trust“Trust is a powerful part of any relationship. As a professional team, it’s paramount to our day-to-day.”
TruPrinciples Client Advocacy“We are extremely determined and persistent in accomplishing our clients’ hiring goals. Being client-focused fuels a stronger working relationship. Our TruPrinciples speak to our commitment to both ourselves and them. If we are not operating under the values we claim to be, we won’t be able to fully serve anyone.”
TruPrinciples Integrity In Communication“Candidly expressing our views and opinions in a professional way is our day-to-day practice. I believe it’s imperative to keep all of the communication with our clients and candidates crystal clear.”
TruPrinciples Growth Learning Mindset“Learning is an everyday process for me! It’s ongoing. I enjoy not just learning but applying those new skills constructively in both work and life.”
TruPrinciples Positive Team Environment“I believe a positive team environment adds enormous value and strengthens our performance as a team. At TruPath we imbibe a strong and positive culture. When I joined the team, I quickly felt very welcomed and a part of the family.”