April 19, 2017 Lauren Gallagher

Meet Megan McQuade

Get to know TruPath’s Community Relations Director, Megan McQuade!

Name: Megan McQuade

Hometown:  Waterloo, Illinois – I’m a small town girl!  Growing up, though, I never wanted to settle in one.  The greater Phoenix area is perfect for me.  I live in the West Valley and absolutely love it!  I believe it is also known as East L.A.!  .. lol

How did you find out about TruPath – I was a client before I became a team member.  I had needed help with hourly staffing in our distribution center, and TruPath came through quickly.  I was immediately impressed with their level of communication and customer service.  

TruPath came to mind again when I decided to make a career change.  I’d built a relationship with a contact there who told me they were looking for a Community Relations Manager. I’d never considered a career in that field, but come to find, my background supported it really well.

Favorite thing about what I do?  In the past, I spent a lot of time in the office.  Working in this new role has allowed me to collaborate not only with my team but members of the community as well.  Our team participates in several causes and associations.  We are exposed to so much diversity of thought this way.  I wake up every morning excited about what I do. The reach of our agency stretches above and beyond what you’d expect in a staffing agency, and it happens in a personal, organic way.  We don’t heavily invest in advertising, we still believe that relationship building is the key to success.

I enjoy working at TruPath because?  I don’t mean to sound cliché, but…..  I’m going to do it anyway!  We are a family at TruPath.  As adults, we spend a majority of our time at work and I truly enjoy spending time here. My coworkers are interesting, unique, and smart. Work-life balance really comes naturally now.  

The TruPrinciple that speaks to me the most?  Trust – We are relationship builders at TruPath – with each other and our clients.  Trust is the foundation for each of these relationships.  I know that I can count on each member of my team.  I also know that our clients can expect transparency and honesty from each of us in turn.  

What advice do you have for an aspiring Community Relations Director?  Learn about your team – build relationships with them to understand where their individual passions lie.  Take these passions and interweave them with the corporate strategy.  It is important for team members to feel connected to the community strategy.  If you are pulling teeth for participation, something is wrong!  

The most challenging part of my role is?  I wear multiple hats:  I recruit internally, write blogs for our website, and recommend our services to other organizations, to name a few things.  AKA: recruiting, marketing, and business development.  I am constantly changing gears. While I enjoy this tremendously, it sometimes confuses others.  At the end of the day, my job is about connecting TruPath to our community – they ways in which to do so are endless!

One thing people don’t know about me?  When I was little, I wanted to be an astronaut.  I never made it to Space Camp, and am still disappointed to this day!  

My first vehicle was?  Tan/Gold Crown Victoria.  I drove this car through High School, College and into my adult life.  I used to pull behind people, and they would always slow down!  No, I was never a cop….

My happy place….  I believe in making life my beach. I love visiting the actual beach once a year on vacation, but I like bringing other components of the beach into my everyday world.  I believe in surrounding myself with people that I love and enjoy – this includes my coworkers, family and fitness buddies.  Life is too short to not be happy!  If you don’t like your current situation, change it!

Above all others, this person inspires me the most?  My Grandfather has inspired me my entire life.  He is such a hard worker, a good provider, and an all around fair, loyal, honest human.  He was always so supportive and calm in my upbringing.  I was terrified to ever disappoint him.  He taught me to work hard and be proud.

My favorite food is?  I like food A LOT!  I love trying out new restaurants and look forward to a Friday night dinner out to end the work week.  I meal prep during the week, but I get dangerous with my food selections on the weekends.  It’s easier for me to say what my least favorite is…  I DO NOT like onions.  I have been fortunate to find a partner who feels the same way.  When I was younger, my grandparents used to hide onions in common food items like hamburgers.  My taste buds caught them every time!  Or, so I think….

Why is TruPath special or how are we different?  We are special because of our people.  I love working for a small company with a CEO that is invested in every member of the team.  Every person contributes at a high level and shows up 100+ every day.  We are passionate about our work which shows in the quality of service we offer.  Each of us has a staffing agency experience in our past as either a candidate or client.  We draw on these experiences all the time to ensure that we are delivering our best to both!