November 15, 2017 Megan McQuade

How Recruiters Assess for Cultural Fit

Assessing for Cultural Fit

“Cultural fit” is a subjective term. It’s highly influenced by belief. Its meaning changes from organization to organization. It also differs from person to person. So, how does a recruiter actually assess for cultural fit? We’re so glad you asked!

TruPath is a national search firm headquartered in Arizona. We specialize in helping our clients find culturally aligned talent. Below, you will find three of our highly effective strategies.

Assess for cultural fit by creating meaningful partnerships

The word “vendor” should be scrapped and replaced with “partner”. As a recruiting firm, we spend valuable time getting to know a potential client. Anytime we enter into a partnership we take a consultative approach. It’s about listening and asking questions. We’re listening to our client’s struggles and concerns. Both teams brainstorm together and offer potential solutions. In return, we then answer questions about our process, experience, potential struggles, etc.

This sounds like a collaborative interview….  Right? Sometimes these solutions don’t include using a recruiting firm! However, these conversations often identify a partnership fit. At the end of the day, our goal is to become an extension of the client’s team. We align expectations, communication, and strategy. Ryan McKellips, one of our recruiters, sums it up simply – “We’re passionate about giving our best to our clients. This starts with gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s wants and needs prior to beginning a search.”

Assess for cultural fit by actively searching

Our recruiters excel at searching. You won’t find job posting on our website. In most cases, a client can easily do this. In fact, a potential client will usually reach out when this solution is no longer working. It might be that submission flow has slowed or submissions are lacking in quality.

Luckily, one of a recruiter’s superpowers is the ability to research and discover. And, if you ask recruiters, I bet many of them enjoy the thrill of the hunt! Just ask our Recruiting Manager, Josh Rautio. He admits that after 20+ years in the industry, he still relishes that challenge. This is an important characteristic as the national unemployment rate published in October 2017 was 4.1% (starting at 4.8% in January and steadily declining).

So, fewer people are actively looking for jobs. However, candidates are often passively looking, and recruiters are in-tune to this. They have the resources, skills and time to reach out to potential candidates with a particular role in mind. Also, they build relationships that potentially develop into opportunities down the line.

Assess for cultural fit by reaching out first

As a recruiting firm, we have the benefit of identifying and reaching out to a candidate first. With the traditional model, a candidate reaches out to a company directly. In this scenario, the candidate already knows about the role and roughly what the job description entails. With our approach, potential candidates are unaware of what role or company our recruiter has in mind. This is strategic. The recruiter is calling to get-to-know the candidate first.

This format enables recruiters to learn about a person and identify a potential, unbiased fit. The candidate also feels less pressure and doesn’t try to “sell” his or herself. It becomes about honesty and discussing feelings, opinions, hopes, experiences, etc. Best case scenario, the recruiter thinks they might be a good fit and moves forward with the recruiting process. Worst case, they’re not a match but could be one for something else in the future.

We hope that these strategies help your talent acquisition team assess for cultural fit. While these suggestions are helpful for establishing a recruiting firm partnership, they also hold true for internal recruiters. If you have interest in learning more about our process and the additional steps in our recruiting model, please CONTACT US.

As a trusted recruitment source for more than a decade, TruPath has the industry knowledge and a proven model to help our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate.

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