rick gonzales

Rick Gonzales
General Manager
Hometown: Fresno, CA

My journey in recruiting began in 1997. I had completed six years of service as an engineer in the U.S. Navy and was offered the opportunity to transfer to a recruiting assignment. I spent my next three years searching for candidates to fill critical needs for our advanced technology programs. I loved hunting for “purple squirrels” and I found great satisfaction in helping others to find fulfilling work! Afterward, my civilian career was launched in the retail industry. I had the opportunity to move through the ranks of two “Fortune 50” retail giants while working in the areas of human resources, sales, and operations. This was followed by five years in various leadership roles with an organization focused on HR partnerships and recruitment advertising. My path finally led me to Job Brokers in August of 2012.

Throughout all of my roles in various industries and markets, there has been one common theme that has out-shined the others: I truly enjoy making things better.

With the rapidly changing landscape of recruitment and hiring, Job Brokers has recognized the need for there to be an evolution in the process of identifying and assessing talent. If we are truly seeking to add value and find long-term solutions for our client partners, search firms must go beyond the resume and basic job description and dig deeper with both candidates and clients. It is this premise that spurred us to innovate our approach to recruiting and rebrand our entire organization. TruPath was born.

At TruPath, we understand the importance of finding candidates with more than the functional expertise required to do a job. Individual values and behaviors that align with an organization’s culture are vital components to the success of long-term employment fits. Our recruiters truly search for talent that will contribute to the growth of our client companies. We make staffing better! And in doing so, we make our clients better, too.

I am proud to work with a team that truly cares about the clients and candidates we serve!

“Whew! Big word. Easy to throw around, but there is SO MUCH that goes into this. To me, trust is foundational. Regardless of efforts, results, strategies, ideas… anything at all – if there is trust, then we have something upon which to build. If we do not have trust, it is impossible to move forward.”

“Consistent over-communication to the client. Of course, we want to tell them about our great progress, but we will also let them know about any struggles or barriers as well. We will not sit on bad news and make the client chase us down for an update.”


Partnerships represent the culmination of trust and collaboration. More than just a ‘transactional’ or ‘vendor’ relationship, true partnerships are difficult, rewarding, and absolutely necessary as a foundation for effective relationships in our local community.”


“As individuals, we need to challenge ourselves, engage our minds, and expose ourselves to new experiences and opportunities. By stretching ourselves, we will experience growth. If we don’t do these things, we will become stale and regress. At best, a lack of growth will result in complacency. The same is true for us as an organization!”


“It’s ok to have fun at work! We spend a lot of time here – let’s enjoy what we do and who we get to work with.”