March 3, 2017 Megan McQuade

TruPath Senior Recruiter Builds Home with 1Mission

Meet Josh!

Josh Rautio is a Senior Recruiter with TruPath. He has been with us for seven years and in the industry for 20+. His recruiting skills, knowledge, and the network he’s built are impressive. What he does in his spare time, however, is truly spectacular.

Every winter, Josh steps away from his role and travels to Mexico for a long weekend. Josh, his wife, and two children build a home for a family in need, in partnership with his church and 1Mission. Josh appreciates being able to take time away from work to participate in a cause that he and his family hold so dear. In addition, his team members and CEO donate funds and supplies to the family and build.


Josh and his family have been building homes with 1Mission for the last five years. He became involved with 1Mission after his son started at a new school. A family he met on his son’s first day invited Josh’s family to attend their church. They quickly fell in love with the church and found out about its 1Mission involvement. A lot of organizations provide shelter for families in need, but 1Mission requires families to earn their homes by making a positive impact on their community; 200 hours of community service to be exact.

Prior to building with 1Mission, Josh and his family would visit Rocky Point for vacation. While they enjoy the culture, food, and beach, he noticed the conditions of the barrios they would drive through. After researching 1Mission, Josh says that involvement was a “no-brainer,” and it just made sense. Josh and his wife wanted their kids to learn the importance of giving back. The build accommodates people of all ages, even younger children.

Participating in the trip and build comes at a cost. To help with fundraising, Josh and his family began asking family members to refrain from Christmas gift giving and donate toward the 1Mission trip instead. All funds donated and raised go directly to the build.

Home Building

The Build!

This year, Josh’s group built a home for a family of two — Lupe and Jose. His best memories about the builds are how kind and grateful the families are. One gentleman hand-made flowers out of aluminum cans for everyone in the group. A fisherman brought his catch back and cooked for 50+ people. Lupe, the recipient of their most recent home-build, made delicious baked goods for everyone at base-camp. The gestures are so thoughtful and come from people who are willing to share what little they have. In addition, the families work so hard to earn and build their homes. This year, Jose navigated stilts to reach the highest points of the home build and provided lots of dancing entertainment. Lupe serenaded the group with songs at their evening fiesta. The families pour their hearts and souls into their home projects.

Making the most out of each trip:

This year, the weather was stormy and made site set-up difficult. Instead of letting this affect their morale, they decided to make the most of their time in the area. Josh, his family, and some fellow builders took the opportunity to visit the local orphanage when they arrived in Mexico. The orphanage is not affiliated with the 1Mission trip. They took cleaning supplies to the orphanage, spent time with the kids and also helped wash dishes after lunch for 40+ children. Josh reflects on the experience as “humbling.” The orphanage has plenty of clothes but is always in need of supplies and human interaction. The kids love rough-housing, playing with other children and they got a kick out of rubbing Josh’s bald head! One 13-year-old boy remembered one of his teammates from four years prior.

Learn More!

If you have any interest in participating in a build, donating to 1Mission or getting more involved, please visit 1Mission.

When it comes to immigration, we believe the long-term solution is locally-owned and locally-initiated community development. By ensuring that families have a safe, secure place to sleep at night, in a neighborhood they have invested in through 200 hours of community service, they are able to stay exactly where they’d prefer to be – with their loved ones in communities that are being strengthened.Thank you FOX 10 Phoenix, Troy Hayden Fox 10 News, and Andrea Robinson FOX 10! Let's change the world.Interested in learning more about 1MISSION? Visit

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