November 22, 2018 TruPath

TruPath Team Members Give Thanks

Thanksgiving causes reflection each year. Below, TruPath team members reflect on their many blessings and give thanks. Read more about what our team members are thankful for.

Give Thanks

TruPath Team Members Give Thanks

Ryan Nouis (Founder and CEO) I am thankful for a team that sticks with me through thick and thin, and I am thankful for a healthy family.

Bernard Nixon (Recruiter) – I’m thankful for living in a country where all of my needs and wants are conveniently satisfied, and where I’m only one flight away from my relatives.

Robyn Neilson (Controller) - I am thankful for the wonderful little boy I have been blessed with. He’s a sweet, caring, funny, helpful little 3 year old. Also, since I grew up as an only child, I am especially thankful for the second little child I am carrying, who will be my son’s little sister next year.

Scott Silva (Recruiter) – I am thankful for the ability to improve the lives of the candidates I meet by connecting them with an opportunity that they may not have known about otherwise.  I am also very grateful that I can live near my family and spend time with them during the holidays. Even though being a vegan makes me the laughing stock of a primarily turkey and ham affair.
Megan McQuade (Director of Community Relations) – I am beyond grateful for this past year. I married my best friend! We had our loved ones join us in Jamaica for the time of our lives! I’m so grateful for my family’s health. We have two beautiful, healthy children. I’m also beyond grateful for my coworkers. We work so hard and laugh even harder.

Chris McKay (Senior Recruiter) – This Thanksgiving I will be giving thanks for my family, their health, happiness, and support. I am also thankful for my work team and our partnership and collaboration as we move forward towards our exciting new business plan and direction. 2019 will be a huge year for us, and I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to experience it with. Happy Thanksgiving all!

Rick Gonzales (General Manager) – I am truly blessed in my life and am thankful for so many things. Not in any particular order, here are some of my “thankfulness highlights”!
  • My wife of 26 years and counting! She is my best friend, my confidante, and my partner in everything!
  • The health and well-being of my children and grandson
  • Being able to work alongside with true and trusted friends
  • Having a church family who knows me and still accepts me

Katya Hoodikoff (Recruiter) – In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I would like to thank my coworkers at TruPath for constantly being so supportive, uplifting and helpful. Even during the rough weeks, we all get through it as a team. I am grateful that I can trust my coworkers to tell me their honest opinions, and that we are all constantly willing to offer one another advice and support. Every day is marked by smiles and laughter, and that makes work all the more rewarding. I am thankful for the opportunity to spend my time meaningfully, working alongside an extraordinary group of people!  

Josh Rautio (Recruiting Manager) – I am thankful for my family. My wife and kids mean to world to me. I am thankful for the health of my parents and in-laws.  We have such a great support system to help with whatever we need. I am thankful for good friends that are always there for me. I am thankful for a roof over my head and food on the table.  I am thankful for my doggos – they are always happy to see me!
Dorothy Scavera (Recruiter) – I am thankful for the people in my life. This past year I married my best friend, completed my first year at TruPath, and had incredible support from family and friends. I am thankful for all that I learn from these people and all of the laughter that these people bring into my life. Thanks, you all!
From our TruPath team to you, Happy Thanksgiving!

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