austie smith

Austie Smith
Payroll & Benefits Specialist
Hometown: San Diego, CA

I am grateful to be able to be part of such an amazing company. I started with Job Brokers (now TruPath!) in 2010, and it has been quite the journey. I was hired to be a Receptionist with basic responsibilities of answering the phone and greeting people who came into the office. I was quickly promoted to Front Office Administrator, which allowed me to play a key role in our hiring process (candidate screening, new hire processing, background & eligibility requirements, etc.). In 2013, my role was further expanded to Operations Specialist. While I am still an integral part hiring and onboarding, I also now get to work in the fields of workers’ comp, payroll and safety. My path continues!

I enjoy interacting with my team members as well as our contract employees, clients and vendors on a daily basis. I strive to give the best customer service possible to every person who enters our office to ensure they have a great experience. Everyone here is treated as an equal in a fun yet respectful manner. It truly makes me enjoy coming to work… that is… after I’ve had a few minutes to wake up and get into my groove. I love my job. Mornings? Not so much.

Having never worked in the staffing industry prior to TruPath, I am grateful that I have been able to adapt and excel with additional roles and responsibilities over the years. I am challenged on a daily basis and I couldn’t be happier. I enjoy tackling new opportunities within my company and I look forward to what the future holds!

TruPrinciples Trust
“Be an honest person that someone can trust and come to for anything.”
TruPrinciples Client Advocacy
“Build a good rapport with clients, making sure all of their needs and requests are met.”
TruPrinciples Integrity In Communication
“Do or say what is true and right at all times.”
TruPrinciples Growth Learning Mindset
“Be open minded to learning new things.”
TruPrinciples Positive Team Environment
“Be happy and look for the best in everything and everyone!”