Often, it’s hard to find search firm fees quickly! Usually, it requires a phone call with a sales representative and a bit of negotiation. We understand that time is of the essence. Below, we provide our direct placement recruiting fees to help you in your search for a recruiting partner.

TruPath Direct Placement Recruiting Fees:

  • Non-Leadership/Non-technical – 22% Contingent
  • Technical – 25% Contingent
  • Management/Leadership – 28% Retained
  • VP – C-Suite – 30% Retained

TruPath offers contingent search for lower-level placements within your organization. Higher-level searches are secured with retained search. For contingent searches, the fee is due upon placement. For retained searches, partial payment is due to initiate the search.

Contact a member of the TruPath team today to discuss your hiring needs at 1-844-TRUPATH (878-7284). If you fill out the Contact Form below, a member of the leadership team will be in contact with you soon. Click here to learn more about TruPath’s hiring process (TruProcess).