TruPath’s Hiring Process

December 26, 2017
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December 26, 2017 Megan McQuade

TruPath’s Hiring Process

TruPath’s Hiring Process

As you’re hunting for a staffing agency to support your recruiting needs, you may be curious about the steps the recruiters take to find and place candidates. And, you should be! At TruPath, we call this our TruProcess. We believe our process sets us apart from all the other staffing providers. Let’s be honest… anyone can recruit from their living room, in their underwear, and interview at Starbucks! Furthermore, many others can produce unqualified resumes. However, you may be looking for a higher level of service.

Before we get to how our process works, let’s spend just a minute on why it was developed. Why do we have a passion for finding culturally aligned talent? Over 15 years ago, our owner, Ryan Nouis, felt the industry could provide better service. Anyone has the ability to “sling resumes.” All you need is a membership to one of the many online platforms. But, finding the right talent goes far beyond a resume. To understand if that talent is the right fit for a client, you must first establish a partnership with that client. Then, you’ll better understand their unique organizational culture and what kinds of candidates make the best fit.

Now, let’s talk about how we find and place culturally aligned talent. Some people think we find people jobs. It’s actually quite the opposite. We find talented individuals to fill critical role(s). Some clients just need one position filled, while others require 100 or more.

How our TruProcess Works

Step 1 – Client Discovery

Client DecisionTruPath believes in relationships. So, the first step in our process is to get to know our clients. Depending on how we meet a client, this looks different every time. What remains the same is that each relationship begins with a conversation. We aim to understand who you are as an organization, what your specific challenges are, and what type of person you are seeking. Until we start building this relationship, we don’t know if we’re the best solution for you. Together, we can brainstorm potential solutions to navigate you in the direction you want to head.

Step 2 – Collaboration & Strategy

Collaboration &StrategyOur team members believe in partnerships. We’re not fans of terms like “vendor” or “temp.” As partners, we become an extension of your team. The TruPath team will propose a search strategy to you, but we will finalize it with you. You know your operation well. We aim to help your process run smoothly and to supplement where needed. We will ask you questions such as: What hiring managers will we be working with? Whom do you want candidates submitted to?  What type of feedback turnaround can we agree on? What pre-employment steps do you prefer?

Step 3 – Candidate Search

Candidate SearchAt TruPath, we excel at hunting. Many of our clients collect resumes for open positions via a company website or other resources. The struggle they find is the number of unqualified candidates that they have to sift through. Searching changes this dynamic. It also takes time, skills, and expertise! Our recruiting team leverages our national associations and their professional networks from across the U.S.; a benefit of being located in the melting pot of Greater Phoenix. They also utilize tools and resources from multiple databases to collect and search. It’s no longer about putting up a posting and crossing your fingers that the right person will stumble upon it. It’s about targeting unique profiles and getting to know those people.

Step 4 – Candidate Selection

Candidate SelectionDuring the search, TruPath recruiters speak to several candidates, those they think may be a good fit move to a face-to-face interview. Before a client ever sees a candidate, that person has been through at least one phone interview and one face-to-face interview. Due to the power of technology, candidates that reside out-of-state still get the same level of assessment via video. As a client, you receive only the top candidates for your role(s). These individuals are accompanied by a detailed summary. There may be additional areas we recommend you explore or particular highlights we want to ensure you know as you enter the candidate into your internal process. We explain your interview process to candidates and coordinate next steps in your hiring process.

Step 5 – Client Decision

Client DecisionAt the end of the day, you choose the candidate that’s the best fit for your role and organization. Unless, of course, you prefer we make that decision on your behalf. To make this easy for you, we communicate all decisions and feedback (positive and negative) to candidates that you have decided to engage. When you find your match, we help you prepare for Day #1! While Day #1 is the end of our TruProcess, it’s the beginning of a lasting partnership. We’re always here for recurring or future needs. For contract needs, we stay closely tied in the management of employees.

We hope this paints a clear picture of TruPath’s hiring process. If you are curious about our services, we would love to discuss with you further!

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