ryan nouis

Ryan Nouis
Founder & CEO
Hometown: Coon Rapids, MN

Building this organization from the ground up, I’ve gained a keen understanding of small business operations and what it takes to grow a promising concept into a successful brand. In 2015, recognizing the evolving landscape of the Recruitment & Staffing industry, the team made the strategic decision to take our organization to the next level. TruPath was born, incorporating cutting edge search methods that truly go beyond the resume.

As CEO of TruPath, my function has evolved from a primary focus on recruiting and operations to a multi-faceted role that includes: developing community partnerships, supporting non-profit organizations, attending trade organizations, and driving sales in the civil and construction industries. I work closely with my senior leadership team in developing our long-term strategic vision and goals.

TruPath is the next step in the world of recruiting. Having evolved our business over the years into a radically different approach, we decided to change our name, our processes, our service model and our overall strategy. We dedicate greater resources to discovering what type of person is ideal for a particular role, rather than simply looking for a matching resume. I’m extremely excited about the direction we have taken!

I began my career as an aircraft dispatcher for US Air. I then moved into the position of Recruiting Manager for an aviation staffing firm. These two experiences helped me to form acute critical thinking skills and a level head – both which have been crucial in my professional development, providing me with the savvy necessary to work through complex situations with confidence that result in positive outcomes.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Operations from St. Cloud University in St. Cloud, Minnesota. My current home is in Chandler, AZ with my wife, Rachel, our two children, Evan and Claire, two cats and two dogs named Ruby and Archie. I enjoy youth sports with my children, flying and traveling.

“Trust starts at the top. We trust both employees and clients alike.”


“Be open and honest. Always keep the client’s best interest at the forefront.”


Community Partnership means giving to those who give, serving without expectations and engaging with organizations that better our community.”

“Never stop expanding your knowledge set.”


“We value open and honest communication – within our team and with our clients. Learning from one another helps us to continually learn and grow.”