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TruPath helps established organizations find the best talent to fill key leadership roles and helps job seekers find jobs in the semiconductor industry.
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TruPath™ provides businesses with top caliber, culturally-aligned talent for key positions in the biggest industries, including manufacturing and the semiconductor industry. We’re a dynamic executive search firm in Arizona with the ability to identify qualified candidates for a variety of roles. Our “niche” is in our process. We customize each search to meet the specific needs of our clients and fill positions with game-changing talent. As a semiconductor and manufacturing recruiter, we work closely with the best talent to help them find manufacturing and semiconductor jobs in Arizon and other states.


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The traditional method of recruiting by matching job skills with resume bullets is no longer an effective solution. At TruPath, our Arizona staffing agency teamtakes an elevated approach to our recruitment strategy, going beyond the resume and focusing on quality candidates whose values and philosophies are in line with our clients.

The ideal candidate is somebody who not only satisfies professional and experiential requirements, but also brings vision and heart to the table. Our executive search firm in Arizona provides exceptional service so clients hire exceptional leaders.

Through our Arizona-based staffing agency’s direct hire and executive retained search services, we have placed thousands of successful candidates in key and critical leadership positions across various industries.

Manufacturing Executive Search Expertise

TruPath’s specialized semiconductor recruiting and manufacturing recruiting and semiconductor job recruiting processes in Arizona have helped multinational corporations and industrial clients find the right-fit talent that will help them gain a competitive advantage in their markets.

Our executive recruiters understand the unique challenges of finding the right leaders for industrial teams. Our partners include some of the largest corporations in the fields of electronics, plastics, automobiles, microelectronics, semiconductors, medical equipment, and food.

If you are looking in Arizona for semiconductor jobs or manufacturing jobs, get in touch with us today. We can match you to roles you are best suited for within these industries. From chip manufacturing jobs to semiconductor roles, our Arizona staffing agency is sure to have something that fits your needs.

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Recent Placements

Below are some of the most recent roles we’ve successfully filled for clients.

  • VP of Engineering, Biodegradable Food Packaging Manufacturer, Gilbert, AZ
  • Operations Manager, Construction Equipment Manufacturer, DFW
  • VP of Bottling, Water Equipment Manufacturer, Scottsdale, AZ
  • Facilities Director, Semiconductor Chemical Company, Phoenix, AZ
  • Facilities Operations Manager for Large Semiconductor Manufacturer, Phoenix, AZ
  • Plant Manager, Custom Jewelry Manufacturer, Corpus Christi, TX
  • Senior Plant Manager, Kerreville, TX
  • General Manager, Water Equipment Manufacturer, Scottsdale, AZ
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TruPath has the experience and knowledge to help you identify your leadership requirements and devise a thorough search strategy to deliver the talent you need. Contact our staffing agency office in Arizona today to learn more about how our specialized recruitment services can help you find culturally-aligned senior leadership.