Find Top Engineering Talent: 5 Essential Steps

November 9, 2021
November 9, 2021 Lauren

Find Top Engineering Talent: 5 Essential Steps

The demand for semiconductor engineers has been high in the last few decades due to the rise in infrastructure projects and new technology. Along with this increase is the parallel growth in the number of semicon specialists seeking to take advantage of the expansion. This makes being picky when hiring an engineer all the more important. There are many other companies who want to onboard the perfect engineering talent with the right skill set and experience.

The best way to ensure that you hire only the best is to understand how recruiters find good talent in the semiconductor industry. They launch a series of tests and interviews with potential employees before making a decision. Evaluations are not just based on knowledge and skills but also on cultural fit, behavior, and background. Here are some of the essential steps to take in your search for the best engineering talent for your company.

5 Steps to Finding the Best Engineering Talent

1. Determine the engineering skills you need.

Lobby semiconductor engineering teams for referrals or list down all engineering positions that are available. Write down the key skill sets, degree of experience, and certifications required per position. This will help ensure that the engineering talent that your company hires fits perfectly into your company’s strategic plans. It will also save time and HR resources by weeding out applicants who do not meet your minimum expectations.

2. Get the expert guidance of an experienced executive search firm.

Not all recruitment companies are alike; some providers are better equipped at headhunting for technology positions than others. TruPath has a proven track record of sourcing and placing semiconductor engineers of all types of expertise for small to enterprise-level organizations.

Having worked with hundreds of tech companies hiring for various roles, TruPath knows where to look for talented semiconductor engineers, what questions to ask, and how to ensure that the best of the bunch decide to work with you. The team works closely with clients to have a deep understanding of their needs and can recommend the best and brightest candidates out of a crowd of hopefuls.

3. Expand your candidate pool.

Don’t just look for engineering talent among engineering-focused groups and job search locations. There are plenty of talented semiconductor specialists who are not active users of community platforms or even social media. Try looking at other engineering industries, such as manufacturing, product management, mechanical design, and other areas. You can also extend your search beyond your city. You never know where the engineering talent you need might pop up.

4. Hire for actual talent.

Arguably, the best engineering talents are those who have gone through hoops to teach themselves through practice. There are great engineers out there who might not have the usual four-year degree but have been coding for years. Some of the best talents are born out of a coding bootcamp for three months and have not undergone any formal training.

5. Look for character, not just a lengthy resume.

The perfect hire is not always contingent on credentials; you also have to consider attitude and work ethic. A person may have all the hard skills for the role but is unable to work well with others might not be a good fit for a semiconductor engineer position that involves liaising with various departments.

During the hiring process, try not to be immediately impressed by a lengthy resume with all the accolades. While technical skills are a must in such a highly technical role, you will still need to have a team player and hard worker on board.

Find the Best Engineering Talent Through TruPath

A semiconductor engineer’s job is to build electrical components that enable the integration of materials, machines, workers, and information. Most of the work involves handling silicon, which is used for bonding and etching. Semiconductors are parts and devices in an electronic equipment that are responsible for conducting heat between an insulator and a conductor.

There are different types of engineers specializing in semiconductor development and operations, including process engineers, field service engineers, integration engineers, and product engineers. Each role requires a specific skill set that will help streamline the manufacturing process and help companies hit production targets. Given the highly technical nature of these jobs, it takes a well-equipped talent resource to ensure that the right person fills the right roles.

TruPath has been providing staff and executive search services to some of the largest technology companies through the years. Partnering with the TruPath team means getting access to the best professionals in the industry so you find the right engineering talent who aligns with your company values and goals.

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