Josh Rautio
Recruiting Manager
Hometown: Mounds View, MN

I love my job! From the time I graduated from college, I wanted to be a professional Recruiter. I have the privilege of helping to change the lives of people and their families by guiding individuals towards great career opportunities. I also get to see the positive influence that my recruiting efforts have on the success of an organization. I have helped companies to grow from 20 employees to over 700 employees. I have also been able to significantly help small businesses by recruiting the right candidates to drive sales and operational excellence.

I have been in the recruiting industry for over two decades and I have loved every minute of it. I relish the challenge of the hunt. I like to research and really dig deep to locate those exceptional candidates that are difficult to find. I truly enjoy the success stories from the people and companies that I serve!





“Teams that trust each other are more productive.”

“We are true partners and advisors to our clients. Some of them want it that way and those are the clients we work best with.”


When someone asks me about where I work, I love being able to tell them about our community partnerships. I take great pride explaining how our company closes down to feed the homeless or volunteer at the food bank.

“Continually expanding your skill set in recruiting and in life. Knowledge in life.”


“The difference between success and failure is a great team. I feel like we have one of the best teams in the business!”