Katya Hoodikoff

Katya Hoodikoff
Grand Forks, BC

Having lived in 3 countries and having traveled to many others, I have seen and experienced a great number of different cultures and ways of living. I was born in Grand Forks, BC, Canada, and lived part-time in Moscow, Russia. In 2009, I moved to Arizona, and have been residing in Tempe for almost 4 years. I am grateful to have had so many extraordinary experiences. My perspectives on life are continuously expanding due to the many people that I’ve met along my path.

With my educational background in Psychology, I cannot help but be intrigued by other people and the choices that they make. I love exchanging information and learning new things from others. However, being someone who loves to be of service to humanity, I delight in the observance of intense passion radiating from the people who are truly aligned with their calling.

As a Recruiter at TruPath, I am able to feel good about offering meaningful and rewarding work opportunities to people who are open to and searching for such prospects. As Elvis Presley once said, the key to happiness is having “someone to love, something to do and something to look forward to.” It’s my mission to complete the happiness formula by helping people find something to do, that they will come to love AND look forward to!

“Here at TruPath, we foster trust through honesty. Our ability to maintain candid relationships is a big part of how we obtain and keep the trust of the people we interact with. In my opinion, trust is an imperative part of any working or personal relationship.”

“I have learned that partnerships are most successful when both parties look out for one another. Communication is key to this process; we can only deliver the best candidates when we fully understand the needs of our client.”

“We like to be involved in our community and form personal bonds with the people we interact with. Being a good recruiter begins with being a good person and caring about the needs of others.”

“I’ve always had a passion for learning and growth. I strive to constantly develop myself. After all, there is always an opportunity to learn and try something new.”

“Every day is a happy day when you enjoy the people you work with. Although we all have individual responsibilities, our success accelerates when we come together and share in each other’s progress.”