July 17, 2018 TruPath

Non-Profit Staffing

TruPath is a professional recruiting firm that helps organization’s find talent. Often, organizations seek out TruPath’s recruiting support when they can’t find qualified candidates on their own. Due to the tight labor market, ideal candidates are becoming harder and harder for corporate recruiters to find. And, many smaller organizations just simply don’t have the internal recruiting support.

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TruPath’s unique structure and process inadvertently propelled the TruPath recruiting team into becoming a top non-profit staffing agency. Do you currently have a non-profit staffing need?

Non-Profit Staffing

At no point, did the TruPath team say – Let’s niche in non-profit staffing! However, it has become one of our top industries over the years. The TruPath model seeks out the right people for the right roles regardless of industry. Fundamentally, it happens by simply building relationships with clients and candidates. After one non-profit search years ago, it was clear that the non-profit industry was a perfect fit for TruPath recruiters. TruPath is a staffing agency that helps partners (clients) find culturally-aligned talent. And, if one industry is passionate about culturally-aligned talent, it’s non-profit! Not only are companies looking for fit, candidates are MOST concerned with fit as well.

One of the first steps in TruPath recruiting process (TruProcess) is to get to know the candidate. This happens prior to a candidate becoming privy to a role or organization. This step is important so a candidate does not tailor him or herself to a role. Instead, the recruiter gets to know the candidate – likes, dislikes, hopes, and dreams. Additionally, the recruiter learns what that person is looking for in a future role, etc. If a candidate has qualities our partners are looking for, then we discuss a potential role. 

We mentioned fit. In the case of non-profit candidates, many attract to an organization’s mission or vision. Unlike some other industries, salary is not a primary motivator. And, we all know non-profit budgets are tight. Of course, compensation matters! But, it is often not a primary deciding factor for candidates when they are looking to make a move. They are mainly concerned with the organization’s mission and their potential contribution to the role. Developmental and career growth are also factors, as well as overall compensation and value of living.

Recent Non-Profit Fills:

TruPath is a national recruiting firm that partners with clients all across the United States. Positive staffing relationships build with partnership. Trust and communication are foundational to that partnership. TruPath spends time getting to know a client before ever executing a search. Essentially, TruPath recruiters become an extension of our partner’s recruiting team. Then, a search strategy launches. Technology makes non-profit sourcing efficient, years of experience makes recruitment seamless, and TruPath’s diverse team has a strong network.

Recently, TruPath filled a Grant Accountant in Los Angeles, CA and a Senior Director of Development in Philadelphia, PA. These types of roles demonstrate the general breadth of TruPath’s non-profit fills. Others include Family Support Specialist and Executive Director. The recent searches, like most others, were initiated after the organizations struggled to find the right talent to fill the open roles. In both situations, the TruPath team got to know the client’s needs, executed tailored searches, and presented qualified candidates for the clients to choose from. Because searches are tailored, only a few candidates are presented making the process easy for our partners.

The TruPath team would love to help you with your current and upcoming non-profit staffing needs. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if are looking for support in obtaining your next great hire!

As a trusted recruitment source for more than 15 years, recruiters at TruPath have a customizable process that helps our partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate.