Robyn Neilson
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

I am happy to be part of the TruPath family as the Controller. What I love most about my job is working with spreadsheets!! It’s fun to create tools with formulas to present data in a manner that’s efficient and easy to follow. Oh yeah… and I like the people that I work with, too. ☺ In all seriousness, it’s truly wonderful to be able to work at a company that maintains a fun and engaging environment while still being serious about taking care of our excellent clients. I personally enjoy the opportunity to use technology to make things better for everyone around me. By finding ways to streamline processes, I am able to provide accurate and reliable information that is useful for all of my coworkers, making them better in their roles, and resulting in a positive impact on our clients and vendors.

I feel fortunate to work with others who truly care about the work they do. This creates a motivating work environment and also makes it much easier to communicate with each other when it comes to ideas, problems, and solutions. It’s awesome to work for a company where we are all respected and valued!

Did I mention that my dog gets to come to work with me? Ok… now THAT’s my favorite part of my job!

“Trust in management. Trust in co-workers. Trust in overall company changes. Trust in yourself.”

“It’s important for every member of our team to develop a positive relationship and effective communication with our clients. They are the reason we are here.”

“Two companies working closely together, supporting each others’ business objectives, whether through financial means or the volunteering, is a form of Community Partnership. For example, a for-profit company attends a non-profit volunteer event. Another time, that same non-profit uses the company’s services to fulfill an internal need. It’s a symbiotic relationship.

“Ask questions if you don’t understand something.”

“Take the time to recognize and appreciate the things that others do to help you.”