Scott Silva

Scott Silva
Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Hailing from the sunny shores of Northern California, I never thought I would end up in Arizona working in the recruiting industry. I grew up in a small town called Santa Cruz. Shortly after graduating high school, I moved to Reno, NV to start my undergraduate studies in International Business. At the time, there were very few schools nearby that offered an International Business degree. I also wanted to move to a relatively small town. Reno is open 24 hours a day, has excellent hiking and mountain biking, and Lake Tahoe is only 40 minutes away! (I miss mountain biking in Keystone Canyon on my Specialized Hardrock bicycle).

In those three years, I studied Operations and Supply Chain Management. After college, I headed to Atlanta and moved in with a friend from high school. It was a big change, but I wanted to improve my chances of finding a firm that resonated with my values/what I was looking for in a company.

A few months after moving to the Atlanta area, I accepted my first job out of college as an Inventory Analyst. The job was with an international customer service firm. I managed their supply of replacements parts for thousands of different products. I loved crunching data and finding solutions to problems.

Ultimately, I realized that I preferred to work directly with people and took a job with an engineering recruiting firm. I didn’t think I would be taken seriously by recruiting firms since I had never worked in sales. After that first interview, however, I knew that this would be my calling. I gained several valuable skills and learned that my data crunching ability allowed me to plow through thousands of resumes without getting bored or sidetracked.

I’d found an industry I loved, but I got tired of the humidity and bugs in the south. After five years in Atlanta, I moved to the Phoenix. I joined TruPath as their very first full desk recruiter. I really enjoy working on the business development side of things and learning about the companies in the area, while also screening the candidates that I would be sending over. Everyone here is wonderful and sincerely dedicated to their jobs and the ones they work to fill! When I am not in the office, I like to explore the city and am always looking for a good indoor rock climbing and martial arts gym. I also like to read and chase my boxer mix in the backyard when it’s not too hot.

Trust is one of the most important commodities in the business world. If two businesses or professionals are lacking in trust, then it becomes very difficult to effectively get the job done.

Having the client’s best interest in mind at all times is imperative to a good working relationship. If an agency is just throwing paper (resumes) at a client without properly screening and vetting their candidates it’s simply a waste of time.

To me, Community Partnership is vital to helping a community thrive. Being an Ambassador for the Chandler Chamber of Commerce, I regularly meet local business owners, along with participating in ribbon-cutting events. I love telling everyone about the new spots around town to eat or take their families out for a visit.

Having a Growth & Learning mindset will be what differentiates you from your competitors. If you’re not hungry for knowledge, sales techniques, or life in general, then you end up hindering your own personal growth.


Being able to work with a positive team is one of the most important facets of a job. If you aren’t working with happy, driven colleagues, then the work day becomes a daily grind instead of an enjoyable experience. It’s also crucial to have leaders that are approachable and available.