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With over 270,000 additional jobs added each year, finding qualified workers in supply chain can be a tricky task. Supply chain management involves coordinating all aspects of the supply chain. Typical job tasks involve planning and forecasting demand, sourcing materials, manufacturing, logistics, and customer relationship management.

If you are out of your league trying to recruit qualified candidates, we’ve compiled the top supply chain staffing agencies below.

Check out these qualified supply chain staffing agencies:

1. Trupath

Trupath knows that the success of a business is dependent on hiring the best employees. With over 16,000 roles placed since inception, Trupath is the frontrunner on our list due to its knowledgeable recruiters and proven results. They look beyond the resume to find experienced candidates that culturally align with your company. By using a variety of research-backed recruitment techniques, they are able to find candidates that meet company objectives.

With its many industry connections and large employee database, Trupath is an industry leader in supply chain job placements. Partner with Trupath today to find the perfect supply chain candidate.

Website: trupathsearch.com
Phone: 1.844.TRUPATH

2. Search Solutions Group

With two decades of experience and a 97 percent fill rate, Search Solutions Group is your go-to for all things supply chain-related. Their areas of expertise include finding suitable candidates for inventory planning, forecasting, management, purchasing, and distribution. In addition, their knowledgeable headhunters recruit specifically for individuals with Blackbelt/SixSigma experience, making them one of the top supply chain staffing agencies.

Website: searchsolutiongroup.com
Phone: 833.774.4473

3. Optimum SCR

The professionals at Optimum deliver results every time. They fill supply chain, procurement, and logistics efficiently with cost in mind. Their extensive network of both active and passive candidates allows them to fill openings quickly and cost-effectively. This staffing agency recruits full-time positions, interim employees, and consultants to fill your company’s openings. Check Optimum out today for supply chain staffing.

Website: optimumscr.com
Phone: 800.300.7609

4. Scope Recruiting

A nationwide supply chain recruiting firm, SCOPE specializes in the permanent placement of supply chain professionals. With their knowledge of best practices and comprehensive experience, SCOPE excels in finding individuals that will succeed and thrive at your company. Their 95% placement rate makes them one of the best recruiters for the supply chain industry.

Website: scoperecruiting.com
Phone: 256.384.5077

5. SCM Talent

With over 1,000 supply chain positions filled, SCM Talent is one of the best supply chain staffing agencies around. Their ability to understand your companies unique supply chain process allows them to deliver results. SCM Talent implements a robust candidate assessment process to find high-integrity, talented individuals. Contact SCM Talent today for quick placements.

Website: scmtalent.com
Phone: 887.236.0420

Partner with an experienced staffing agency today!

If you want to skip the laborious employee search process, contact any of these experienced and resourceful staffing agencies. We promise you’ll find the people that will take your business to the next level.

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