The most important step for both a recruiter and a job applicant is the interview. Why? It sets the mediocre and stellar applicants apart! But in order for a candidate to give a great interview, they need to be asked the right questions. That is why de developed these five questions you should ask every veteran in an interview. 

Veteran Interview Questions

1) What would others say about your work ethic?

This question provides a lot of insight into the candidate’s character. Often times, the qualities they demonstrate during their service carry over into their professional career. By asking them how their comrades would describe their work ethic, you will learn how they will conduct themselves in your organization.

2) Tell me about a stressful task you had to overcome? How did you do it?

Like any employee, you want to understand their strengths and weaknesses. Because veterans have very different life experiences, the phrasing of this question opens the floor to their experiences. You may learn that they perform very well under stress and emerge a leader!

3) Have you held a leadership role? What struggles did you face?

Because of their military experience, chances are the answer to this question will be yes! In order to determine whether they would perform well in a managerial/ team leader role, it is important to understand their downfalls. They may have varying levels of empathy, understanding, and other qualities.

4) What skills did you learn during your service?

It is important to acknowledge their service during the interview. Much like you would ask a candidate about their past job, you should be direct. By doing so, you will be able to see what skills of theirs will transition into your organization.

5) Why do you want to be a part of this organization?

It is important to inquire why they chose your company! There are many that look to hire veterans, but they are interviewing with you. Their answer will determine what aspects of your culture they identify with- which says a lot about them as an employee as well!

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