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Beyond The Resume

TruPath helps established organizations find culturally aligned talent.


The traditional method of recruiting by matching job skills to resume bullets is no longer an effective solution. At TruPath, we take an elevated approach to talent search, going beyond the resume and focusing on candidates that will be a cultural fit for our individual clients.

By strategically searching for individuals with the requisite personality, character and values, in addition to the necessary hard skills, we are successful in finding candidates who are a TruFit. This approach is foundational to our business model!

At TruPath, you can expect exceptional service, utmost integrity and professionalism every step of the way.

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Our Approach

As a trusted recruitment source for more than a decade, TruPath
has the industry knowledge and a proven model to help our
partners feel comfortable in their search for a candidate.

Through our TruProcess, we are able to consistently deliver
exceptional candidates that help organizations continue
down successful paths.


TruFit Diagram


\trü•’fit\ noun

: the result of identifying and placing a candidate on the basis of cultural values, aligned behaviors, and required functional expertise

: a person who is highly qualified for their role while being culturally aligned with the respective organization

: a person who is the combination of being a functional expert for a role while being culturally aligned, values driven and committed to the growth and learning required to be an integral member of an organization

Learn Why TruFit Matters

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