December 20, 2016 TruPath

Handy Holiday Trends, Plus, Do’s and Dont’s for an Office Holiday Party

Is your holiday spending normal? Are your businesses’ holiday perks typical or atypical? We’ve rounded up some holiday trends from all over the web for employers and the curious consumer alike.

  • The average holiday bonus is $1,081, according to Accounting Principles.
  • 54% of employers are expected to give some kind of bonus this year.
  • 69% of employers are planning to have a holiday party this year.
  • 56% of Americans shop the day before Christmas.
  • 75% of 2016 consumers say that their financial standing is the same or better than it was in 2015.
  • Millennials are expected to spend the most, $1,427 on average!
  • Real Christmas trees are more popular than fake:
Christmas Tree

29 million went with real trees vs. 12 million fake in 2015

Perhaps these holiday trends will give a little small-talk fodder at this year’s office holiday party? And with that, why don’t we discuss a few do’s and don’t for the festive event? 

Make sure to mingle

You likely have one or two buddies at work that you feel best sticking near. Enjoy your work friends, but make sure to give everyone else healthy face time too. This could be a great opportunity to get to know the people you work alongside a bit better.

Avoid strictly sticking to work talk

You spend the majority of your waking hours at work, why carry that over? Yes, it is a comfortable topic to stick to, but people have lives outside the confines of corporate walls. If someone asks how things are going with you, avoid a simple “good”. Maybe you have upcoming travel plans you’re looking forward to, or can’t wait to open a special bottle of champagne you’ve been saving for New Year’s Eve. (Oh, and be sure to ask about them too).

Arrive On Time

The office holiday party is likely a fair expense. Show those that are putting it on that you appreciate their efforts by arriving in a timely manner. Unless you have a legitimate reason, showing up late implies that your time is more valuable.

Don’t skip out too early

While not as offensive as a very late entrance, ending the night well before people begin to wind down is also a no-no. This event may not be your cup of tea, but leaving too early just won’t look great. Stick around for a bit and, who knows, you might end up having a good time.

There will likely be free alcohol involved, just be careful!

Everyone is there to cut loose and have a good time. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying a few glasses of your drink of choice. There is a fine line, however, to make sure you don’t cross. The tried and true stands – alternate your glass of wine with a glass of water and make sure to eat something before starting to drink. No one wants to be the person that gets too lubed up and blurts out something they won’t recover from (or at least be the butt of office jokes for years to come).

And with that… PLEASE, do not drink and drive

There are so many options for transportation now, there is no excuse to get in the car and drive home after drinking. Maybe you live “close by” or you “just had a few”. Unless you really did just stick to one or two drinks, get a sober ride home or stay in a hotel nearby. (Or perhaps you are lucky enough to have your company foot the bill for a room like we are at TruPath!) *Apologies for the humble brag.

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