August 7, 2017 TruPath

How A Recruiting Firm Saves You Time

At TruPath, we put trust in our recruiters, clients, and candidates.  We employ an individual, hands-on approach with our clients and work hard to find the right people. As a result, we place qualified people in roles across the United States. Keep reading to learn about how a recruiting firm saves you time.

How A Recruiting Firm Saves You Time

Robust Networks and Resources

Recruiters are efficient; they are hunters. They also spend a lot of time on various search platforms (LinkedIn, job boards, etc.) identifying potential talent. This is huge cost and time savings for a company.  In essence, they’re actively searching for the right fit, not passively waiting for talent to come in through a job posting. In the meantime, you can sit back and focus on daily business as usual.

Broad Networks

Recruiting firms maintain broad networks and keep the resumes of thousands of qualified local professionals on file.  This ensures your HR department won’t be sifting through a multitude of resumes from unqualified applicants. With a recruiting firm, the potential time spent searching is mitigated because they already have an established network of top talent simply waiting to hear from you. Their screening processes and skill testing ensure that your role is matched with the top percentage of candidates, filling your company’s needs faster than ever.

Spread the Love

Recruiting firms often handle the largest and most tedious tasks when it comes to searching for candidates. This includes conducting the initial interview, skills assessment, and reference checks. And, because staffing specialists devote all of their time to finding staffing solutions, they’re able to move faster and more streamlined. Without the help of a recruiting firm, the job search can proceed only as fast as your schedule allows. By employing a recruiting firm, you don’t have to deduct valuable time from your core responsibilities until you’re presented with compelling candidates.

Reduce Turnover

A high employee turnover rate can be extremely damaging for a business. When employees are dissatisfied with their job or prove unfit, your business suffers. The cost of a bad hire can be exorbitant, deeming it crucial to select the right hire the first time. Recruiting firms have rigid qualifications for their candidates (remember — they’re pulling from a filtered and specific network). In many cases, a firm will work with candidates on a consultative basis. This gives recruiters a more informed idea as to whether or not they’ll prove an adequate fit for your company, keeping turnover low.

Hopefully, we’ve helped answer some of your questions around working with a recruiting firm. If you have further questions on how a recruiting firm saves you time, contact TruPath.

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