Many organizations are aware of the benefits of hiring military men and women, but the question is often – how? With so many talented individuals in the job market, it can be both time consuming and expensive to find the ideal candidate. That is why we are here! We have outlined 3 easy ways for how you can hire a veteran. So pour yourself some coffee and keep reading.

How To Hire A Veteran

1) Partner With An Executive Search Firm

Partnering with an executive search firm is a very strategic move! By leveraging their vast network and specialized skill set, you are sure to find the right veteran for your organization. Not only will they recruit and hand pick candidates who match your criteria, but they will also help you decide who is best suited for the job. With their assistance, you will save time, money, and end up with your dream employee.

2) Post On Veteran Specific Job Boards

There are dozens of state and veteran specific job boards on the internet. By searching for ones that are relevant to your industry and location, you can directly market your open positions to active job seekers. You may be surprised by the traffic your post can get!  An added benefit to this strategy? Many job boards are part of non-profit organizations, so you won’t have to pay to advertise your position.

3) Become Affiliated With Local Veteran Groups

Perhaps the best strategy? Service. If your organization has a desire to be deeply immersed in their community and give back to those who have served our country, seek out veteran groups you can sponsor. Here you can easily create connections with potential candidates and do so in an authentic manner. This will also ensure that the candidates you select are a good cultural match for your organization.

Although there are many resources that can help you hire a veteran, these three strategies are by far the most efficient!

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