Hiring an Executive Director? We Have Some Tips!

Looking for an individual to lead your company can be a difficult process. Before you embark on this journey, you should consider taking advantage of a few opportunities in the recruiting field. By doing so, you can save yourself time and money as well as ensure you find the ideal candidate. Interested? Keep reading to learn 4 strategies that will help you hire an Executive Director!

1) Partner With an Executive Search Firm

For those who want to outsource recruiting, hiring an executive search firm may be an attractive option. The benefits of doing so are endless. Not only do these individuals have years of experience, but they also have an extensive network of talented professionals. Regardless of what industry you belong to, there is an executive search firm that specializes in it!

Executive Search firms perform a number of tasks for companies. Not only do they research and identify potential candidates, but they interview, hire, and train as well! If this option sounds attractive to you, contact TruPath to learn more.

2) Select a Hiring Committee

If you would like to keep hiring decisions within your firm, it is imperative you form a committee. Because the role of an Executive Director encompasses many different departments, it is wise to receive input from individuals in each specialty. An effective and efficient committee should comprise of 4 to 7 individuals. This will ensure that there is an appropriate amount of input but not too many competing ideas! By forming a committee, you can make sure that the candidate you choose effectively leads every

3) Go Beyond The Resume

There are many factors to take into account other than experience and education. Of course these are important to consider, but they do not tell you everything you need to know about a candidate. Cultural fit is one of the most important qualities that can not be determined from a resume. Especially when it comes to executives, it is crucial that candidates share the same morals and values as your company. They are the ones who will set the example for all employees under them to follow. In order to determine whether a candidate fits or not, formulate strategic interview questions that will give you insight into their character.

4) Don’t Forget To Look Internally

Often times, recruiters look for talented individuals who are employed at struggling companies. Although this is a strategic way to recruit, it is not the only one. Promoting internally is a great choice because candidates will already have a great relationship with the company and a deep understanding of it’s goals and challenges. This education is so valuable because it is not transferable. Overall, hiring internally can be a promising route if a company has promising candidates who can bring a fresh perspective to strategy.

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