7 Hiring Process Tips On How To Hire Faster

March 3, 2020
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March 3, 2020 lauren

7 Hiring Process Tips On How To Hire Faster

(Posted May 2015. Updated March 2020)

The need for speed is always a top priority in the hiring process. How do you find the best talent, as quickly as possible? There are a few things recruiters and organizations do to help things go as efficiently and effectively as possible. Keep reading to learn how to hire faster.

7 Hiring Process Tips on How to Hire Faster

1. Identify the Ideal Candidate

Some recruiters may start a search before knowing who they’re searching for.

If you don’t know who you’re looking for, you’ll try to reach a broad range of people instead of narrowing your focus.

Therefore, you should determine what makes a great candidate? Specifically, what does the ideal candidate for this open position look like? List the skills and experience this candidate would have.

In the end, your goal is to create a candidate persona. With this persona, you can easily compare and contrast potential hires throughout the process to what you’re looking for.

2. Define the Job

An important step in the hiring process is learning how to write an accurate job description. Without one, you’re more likely to attract candidates who aren’t what you’re looking for.

To define the role, survey members of your leadership team to gain clarity on your purpose, values, and mission. Then, you can ensure these are consistent throughout any job description you post.

Next, assess the strategic objectives, responsibilities, knowledge, skills, and abilities that lead to the biggest impact in the role. This should also be part of your process of identifying your ideal candidate.

Once the role has been properly defined, you can begin your recruitment process to bring the right people into the hiring process.

3. Tap Into Employee Referral Networks

Employee referral programs can help make the hiring process faster and reduce your expenses. Plus, a recent survey by Glassdoor shows that almost half of job seekers in 2019 preferred to find a job through a friend.

Since existing employees already understand your company’s culture, they have an advantage in identifying professional contacts that may be good for your organization.

Thus, setting up an employee referral program can be beneficial to your hiring process.

Once employees identify which candidates may be a good fit, it’s up to you to determine whether they have the expertise and behaviors that you’re looking for.

4. Build Employer Brand

Employer branding is an essential factor in your hiring processes—it is a representation of your company’s culture and values.

Your company website, social media, and other employer branding mediums can attract like-minded individuals that fit your role.

5. Social Media + Email Posting

Before hiring a recruiting services company like TruPath, or advertising on a job board, post your opportunity to your company’s social media sites and email newsletter.

Since your subscribers already are a fan of what you’re doing, chances are these members may be interested in the opportunity to work for your company.

If no candidates come from these postings, at least you’re publicly showing your company growth and allowing people to celebrate that success.

6. Automate your application process

If you’re the cog in the wheel, you can make your hiring process faster by automating your application process.

If you don’t already use a web-based recruiting application system, consider in investing one to collect resumes and manage candidate communication. This way, all you have to do is click one button instead of writing hundreds of emails to candidates.

7. Be Selective About Who You Interview

Nothing takes up more time in the hiring process than interviewing.

To prevent hours spent researching, reviewing, interviewing, and following up with candidates, be selective about who you interview.

Instead of bringing in 5-10 candidates who passed pre-screening, consider bringing in 3-5 candidates that pass your gut instinct test.

Additionally, when looking for how to hire faster when interviewing, standardizing your process is essential.

A standardized process allows you to identify which candidates rise above the rest quickly.

Instead of going through a long evaluation process, take the time to standardize exactly what you’re looking for. This is where that ideal candidate profile can come in handy.

8. Be Proactive Instead of Reactive With Candidates

One of the common things that candidates complain about is a lack of communication throughout the hiring process. This can lead to a candidate losing interest in an employer.

Overall, establishing a proactive hiring process starts with creating a long term talent plan.

First, you can start this plan by identifying the talent you’ll need 12 – 18 months from now.

Then, begin developing a plan on how you’ll attract that talent. Do you plan on reaching out through methods like LinkedIn or other social media?

By planning ahead of time, you can start expanding your candidate network before the need for a new hire arises. In other words, you will be prepared to find a candidate when you need one quickly.

9. Take Advantage of Internal Leads

There’s no faster way to make the hiring process faster than by hiring internally. After all, these candidates already have experience with your company’s processes.

To get started, consider holding informal employee reviews. Then, you can gain some insight into an employee’s career aspirations and where they may grow within the company.

Naturally, people love to find new ways for professional development. In addition to providing this, making an internal hire also shows you understand the value of your current employees.

10. Seek Guidance From Recruiting Experts

If you’re looking for ways to improve your hiring process but aren’t sure where to start with our above tips, partnering with a consulting firm like TruPath can help.

With the added perspective of an outside recruiting firm, you can gain further insight into how to update your process.

In addition, there are numerous benefits to working with a staffing firm, such as a wider candidate network and an overall streamlined interviewing process.

Once you know what you’re looking for, whether it’s how to hire faster or help with a niche executive search, you’re ready to partner with the right recruiting firm for you.

TruPath helps established organizations continually grow their business with culturally aligned talent. 

Contact us today to learn more about how TruPath can help you streamline your hiring process to find the right talent for your company.