TruPath Places HR Manager Near Atlanta

March 1, 2020 TruPath

TruPath Places HR Manager Near Atlanta

A manufacturing company came to TruPath  for help finding an HR Manager for a new facility.

The Client’s Need:

A national aluminum product manufacturing company was opening a new plant near Atlanta, GA. The facility was still under construction, but the company wanted to be prepared for completion. They asked TruPath to fill five key leadership roles for the plant. One of these, and possibly the most important, was the HR Manager. The person in this role would need to be able to handle ramp up and hiring processes for a staff that would eventually grow to about 110 employees. Understanding the plant’s needs to hire the right employees, handle onboarding, and conduct training would be important for getting production started on the right foot.

TruPath’s Strategy:

TruPath recruiters started a search in the local area. After realizing the local market had a limited number of qualified HR Manager candidates, the recruiters expanded the search into nearby cities and states. However, the initial work ended up paying off in this case. One of the few qualified candidates in the local area had concerns about the financial stability of their employer. she felt it was the right time to explore new opportunities. This HR Manager had lived in the area for some time, so she understood the local culture and had a strategy for hiring manufacturing industry employees in the local market.

The Result of Partnership:

The client appreciated this HR Manager’s outgoing personality and experience with seasonal production ramp-ups. Additionally, this person was used to being the sole HR representative at a facility rather than having multiple HR assistants. She demonstrated that she could wear many hats and role up her sleeves to conquer all tasks big and small. The candidate was excited to join a stable company, but she also connected with the company’s corporate culture, and knew she could be the person to help get the plant up and running while upholding the company’s culture and values.

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