Kyle Blackwell

Kyle Blackwell
Business Development
Hometown: Tulsa, OK

My professional career began in 1989 with Mobile Mini, Inc. I initially started on the ground floor as a part-time employee and after several months was hired as a production manager.  In the 26 years I was there, I grew along with the company in several sales roles.  After my first five years, I was promoted to Regional Manager and later to Senior VP of the Eastern Division. I spent my last 15 years at Mobile Mini in that capacity. The entire experience made me who I am today as a leader and person.

We worked with several recruiting firms throughout my tenure at Mobile Mini. The one that stood out above all the rest was Job Brokers (later known as TruPath!). I was always impressed with their professionalism and willingness to understand our culture before even talking about a specific position.

After I retired from that company, several others approached me about coming to work with them. None of those opportunities fit me culturally. Then one day, Ryan Nouis called me and wanted to talk. After our discussion and eventually meeting the TruPath team, I decided this would be the next chapter of my life.

I moved to Arizona from Oklahoma 29 years ago and consider this my home. I have a beautiful wife and five children. I enjoy going back to Norman, OK each year to watch my beloved Sooners play football and spending time on the beach with my family.

TruPrinciples Trust
“Trust encompasses all of our principles. It’s the backbone to all good relationships, both working and personal.” 
TruPrinciples Client Advocacy
“A client advocate actively manages the customer experience. We create an open communication, keeping our customers updated with timely and frequent information about our progress.” 
TruPrinciples Integrity In Communication
“Integrity in communication means being respectful with everyone you communicate with. Not being afraid to provide and take constructive feedback is a big part of this. Treat others the way you want ot be treated, with character and honesty.” 
TruPrinciples Growth Learning Mindset
“Learning is growth, never stop trying to be better. Remaining open to new things and opportunities makes you a better person and business partner.” 
TruPrinciples Positive Team Environment
“Enjoying who you work with makes all the difference on how you do your job. Having this kind of culture keeps everyone happy and having fun.”