Malik Shipley

Malik Shipley
Associate Recruiter
St. Charles, MO

I was born and raised in the Midwest, from the same home of the best baseball team in the world. If you guessed the St. Louis Cardinals, you’re totally right! I’m a huge sports fan, and I started my sports journey at the age of 7. I played football, basketball, and ran track. I played football until the age of 22 when I graduated from college. I credit the sport for making me tough mentally and physically. I joke about the physical part because I’ve had every crazy football related injury you can think of (broken wrist, broken femur, broken ankle, hyperextended elbow, strained ACL, etc.).

A year or so after graduating college, I put in for a transfer to Arizona. A couple weeks later the transfer was approved, so I threw a few things in my car and one of my best friends and I headed to Arizona. I love taking chances! They may not always be in my favor, but I believe they build character and make for good stories later in life.

I have always been drawn to sales and recruiting on some level. I liked my former job, but I needed more. I began seeking entry-level recruiting positions, and I came across TruPath. After doing research on the company, I was so intrigued. I love the fact that we are a culture-based company. TruPath makes me feel like I have family in Arizona even though my family is still 1,300 miles away. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to start my career.

When I have down time it’s filled with watching sports, working out, and my new love – HIKING (I had never seen a mountain in person before moving to Arizona). Fun Fact: I tried my first Oreo and Brownie in 2017. I was missing out my whole life!

“The base of every relationship starts with Trust. Trusting yourself, the others around you, and trusting the process will set you and everyone up for success. “

“Client advocacy means developing a positive relationship and making sure everything you do for clients is in their best interest.”

“Community partnership means trying your best to make a positive impact/change within the community big or small. Working with other organizations or simply talking to someone you don’t know can make a difference.”

“Finding ways to become more knowledgeable whether it’s from asking questions or researching. Always be a student of life and never let your curiosity fade away. A Wise man once said – if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”

“Being part of a positive yet competitive team is essential because it motivates and pushes everyone to do better all while having fun.”