August 10, 2017 TruPath

The Benefits of Having an Up-to-Date LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn, or the “business-only Facebook,” is nothing short of a necessity in today’s professional world. Maintaining a strong LinkedIn presence is a must, so keep reading to learn about the benefits you’ll reap by keeping your LinkedIn profile up-to-date.

Benefits Of Having An Up-To-Date LinkedIn Profile

Millions of Members

With over 225 million members, LinkedIn holds steady as the world’s largest professional social site. You never know who might stumble upon your profile. The network is flooded with potential clients, employers, managers, competitors, and business professionals in general. You should keep your profile in great shape, including your most recent, pertinent, and accurate stats. It’s fair game to be under anyone’s microscope. If you haven’t thoroughly filled out your profile — including an in-depth overview of your current role — it’s time to give your LinkedIn a revival!

Gathering Intel

Many associates will scour your media — social and professional — to gather intel about you and your brand. Keeping up with your LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to control what people discover about your strengths and assets. Clients, employers, managers, and competitors will sweep your profile to understand who you are as a both an employee and a colleague. Plus, they can do this at any point in time — before or after an interview, or before reaching out to you in general. The shape of your LinkedIn can potentially serve as a decision maker.

Furthering Your Success

LinkedIn is full of helpful resources. That’s especially true if you’re looking for a new job, a new hire, or a new field altogether. LinkedIn can help you find new employees, open doors with potential clients, or connect with leaders in similar fields. Furthermore, if you’re seeking a referral or wanting to conduct competitor research, LinkedIn can help with that too!


Having an updated and active LinkedIn account keeps you visible, specifically to hiring managers and recruiters. This requires having a complete profile filled with relevant keywords, preferably related to your thought-leadership experience, so opportunities can easily find you. Hiring managers are moving further away from job boards and focusing on networks like this to get a clearer picture of potential candidates. 

Holistic Appeal

The people looking at your LinkedIn are also trying to get an idea of who you are outside of work. (Not on the level of Facebook or Instagram — it’s still a professional platform.) In that sense, it’s beneficial for you to keep your interests, volunteer positions, and philanthropic work up to date. Even the pages and influencers you follow on LinkedIn can help demonstrate your interests. 

Your resume generally includes the same relevant business experience. But LinkedIn gives you a chance to show fellow professionals a little bit of who you are beyond your current and past titles. If you’ve received a prestigious award or have a special achievement under your belt, update it on LinkedIn! Hiring managers want successful, well-rounded people on their team. Clients and employees also want to work with people who have proven track records. As new titles, awards or experiences come your way, add them to your profile to maintain the utmost appeal.

We hope our suggestions were helpful and serve as a reminder to spruce up your LinkedIn page. You can also follow TruPath on LinkedIn for more helpful career and hiring tips!

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