\ trü•’prin •s(ə•)pel\ noun

: the fundamental truths that serve as the foundation for our system of beliefs and behaviors.

These are the TruPrinciples of TruPath.

TruPrinciples Trust
TruPrinciples Client Advocacy
TruPrinciples Integrity In Communication
TruPrinciples Growth Learning Mindset
TruPrinciples Positive Team Environment

Robyn Subia “Trust in management. Trust in co-workers. Trust in clients. Trust in yourself.”

Robyn Subia Accounting Manager

Ryan Nouis “Be open and honest. Always keep the client’s best interest at the forefront.”

Ryan Nouis
Founder & CEO

Chris McKay “Encourage transparency and honesty when speaking with clients and candidates.”

Chris McKay
Senior Recruiter

Josh Rautio “Continually expanding your skill set in recruiting and in life. Knowledge in life.”

Josh Rautio
Senior Recruiter

Austie Smith “Be positive towards anyone I come in contact with. Positive energy feeds off of positive energy!”

Austie Smith
Operations Specialist

Rick Gonzales “Trust is foundational. Regardless of efforts, results, strategies, ideas… anything at all – if there is trust, then we have something upon which to build. If we do not have trust, it is impossible to move forward.”

Rick Gonzales
General Manager

Ryan McKellips “We are passionate about giving our best to our clients. This starts with gaining a thorough understanding of a client’s wants and needs in a candidate prior to commencing a search.”

Ryan McKellips

Chrissi Atchley “Listen to others, take ideas and suggestions and grow from them.”

Chrissi Atchley
Strategic Account Manager

Lauren Gallagher
“If we aren’t learning something new every day then we are doing something wrong. Being adaptable is not only beneficial for the short term, it also better helps us to prepare for any hurdles down the line.”

Lauren Gallagher
Business Development

Jon Schneider “We have a really good time at TruPath. While we all have different roles and responsibilities, we act as one team…relying on one another. When we face our challenges, we are there to help each other out. When we have a great day, we celebrate it! I’m proud to be a part of the TruPath team, a high-performance group of cool individuals who don’t take themselves too seriously.”

Jon Schneider
Director of Recruiting Services