February 6, 2015 lauren

10 Outside Sales Representative Interview Questions

outside sales representative interview questionsBefore hiring an outside sales force, you will have to conduct an interview.

Here are 10 outside sales representative interview questions to ask before making a hire.

1. What is your work experience?

Obviously, you will want to learn about any candidate’s previous sales experience. A proven history working with similar companies should provide you with much more confidence when trusting this person with your sales.

2. Why are you interested in the position?

Every person has different motivation for applying for a position, so this is your chance to learn why this individual chose to apply with you.

3. How much do you expect to make?

You should have a compensation strategy in place and it is always a good idea to go over it with prospective outside salespeople before they begin.

4. What if you don’t reach your goals?

Almost every salesperson goes through periods where goals are not reached. It is a good idea to learn about what the candidate will do to work through these rough patches and get back on track.

5. Why are you looking for new employment?

If you are looking to hire an outside sales firm, this question isn’t really necessary, since they are always looking for new clients. When hiring an individual to handle outside sales, however, you should find out why the person’s last job ended.

6. What motivates you?

Some salespeople are motivated by money, while others love the thrill of closing a deal. While the reason for motivation shouldn’t matter to you on a business level, as long as the person is making sales, this question helps you to gain a better understanding of your new outside sales force.

7. How often will you report to me?

Many salespeople don’t like micromanaging, since they want to focus on making sales, rather than reporting to you. By outlining how often your sales force is expected to report, you can avoid misunderstandings in the future.

8. If you could start your career from scratch, would you change anything?

Everyone makes mistakes, so this question is a test in honesty. It also shows if the candidate has the ability to own up for his or her errors.

9. What frustrates you?

Asking about frustration gives you insight into how the individual or firm would handle conflicts. Even though the outside sales staff is rarely in the office, they still have to interact with customers and management on a regular basis.

10. What is the toughest sale you’ve ever made?

In situations where money is on the line, you want someone who is willing to fight for the sale.