3 Staffing Agencies That Hire And Find Mechanical Engineers

September 16, 2020
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September 16, 2020 TruPath

3 Staffing Agencies That Hire And Find Mechanical Engineers

Filling roles with mechanical engineers is often a tough process–their expertise often entails technical knowledge and a skill set that many employers have trouble pinning down for their business. That’s why consulting a staffing agency is the ideal way to find mechanical engineers you need to get the job done, so check out these three staffing agencies that can help you discover and hire qualified mechanical engineers.

Top Engineering Staffing Agencies


If you are looking to hire mid to senior-level professionals for mechanical engineering roles at your organization, then TruPath is one of the staffing agencies that you need to consider. TruPath is a partnership minded search firm that offers mechanical engineering staffing services to help established organizations continually grow their business with culturally aligned talent. They know the search to find mechanical engineers can be difficult, as sometimes the right fit is hard to come across when looking for mechanical engineering candidates, and the TruPath team is well prepared to fulfill your hiring needs. Contact TruPath today to learn more about how they can help you find qualified mechanical engineering candidates to fill your open roles.

Website: trupathsearch.com


Aerotek’s team is dedicated to delivering excellent staffing services to its clients. The firm specializes in placing engineering, sciences, professional and industrial talent. Aerotek also offers a unique remote staffing solution to any clients looking to hire remotely. As one of the largest recruiters in North America, Aerotek’s candidate pool allows the firm to locate quality talent across the country. When partnering with Aerotek, your recruiting team will guide you through the staffing process so you can find the best-suited candidate. Aerotek also aids in facilitating video interviews and remote onboarding processes for clients.

Website: aerotek.com

Phone: 1-888-AEROTEK


At ENTEGEE, or Engineering Technical Group, you can find mechanical engineers through their thorough recruiting for positions across the country and Canada and Mexico. Their recruiters find, select, screen and place some of the best technical professionals. They find the mechanical engineering talent you need so you can focus on running your business smoothly while also saving time and money. Whether you’re looking for mechanical engineers to test equipment, work with automated machinery, perform research and development or package materials, there are diligent professional recruiters at ENTEGEE ready to help.

The search to find mechanical engineers can be exhausting, but that’s why enlisting the help of a staffing agency–equipped with a team of professionals ready to execute your search for mechanical engineers–might be your most promising route, and ENTEGEE is there to assist you.

Website: entegee.com

Phone: (800) 368-3433

Mechanical engineers often present employers with hard-to-fill roles if a position opens up; their field requires strong technical discipline and quality candidates for mechanical engineering spots can be hard to come by. That’s precisely why staffing agencies such as TruPath, Aerotek and ENTEGEE are contacted to fill such spots, to support you and your team in achieving your work.

Do you have a recommendation for staffing agencies that help find mechanical engineers? Please, tell us! Contact TruPath for possible inclusion on this list.