November 9, 2018 TruPath

31st Annual Valley Partnership Community Project

TruPath is a proud supporter of Valley PartnershipEach year, Valley Partnership selects a nonprofit organization and brings community partners together to renovate or enhance facilities for those in need.

31st Annual Valley Partnership Community Project

Left to Right: Sophia, Megan, Krysten, Carsyn, and Rick. Megan (TruPath Director of Community Relations) volunteered at the event with her Mom and Niece. Rick (TruPath General Manager) volunteered with his Wife, Daughter and Grandson. Volunteering with the TruPath team is always a family affair!

Valley Partnership is the premier advocacy group for responsible development in Greater Phoenix. Its membership includes professionals and supporters from the commercial, industrial and real estate development communities. One of Valley Partnership’s core values surrounds serving the community.

31st Annual Valley Partnership Community Project

Valley Partnership Community Project 2018 Sunshine Acres Children's Home

Team TruPath Left to Right: Tricia, Krysten, Carsyn, Megan, Sophia, Ryan (TruPath Founder and CEO), Kathy, Rick, and Bernard (TruPath Recruiter).

This year, Sunshine Acres Children’s Home was the recipient of Valley Partnership’s volunteer efforts and resources. Sunshine Acres provides a home for children who are separated from their parents and helps them establish long-term relationships with stable parental role models. TruPath team members, along with several other volunteers renovated the grounds at Sunshine Acres on Saturday, November 3rd.

Top Reasons Team TruPath Enjoys Volunteering at the Valley Partnership Community Project

TruPath looks forward to Valley Partnership’s Community Project each year for several reasons. Below are two reasons why we recommend you consider participating in the community project next year.

Valley Partnership Community Project Sunshine Acres Children's HomeThe community project supports a different local non-profit each year with significant renovations and improvements. In 2017, we built an Urban Garden at St. Vincent de Paul to feed those in need (homeless).

This year, we built and renovated outdoor space (gardens and playgrounds) for children without parents at Sunshine Acres Children’s Home. The projects are so significant that they require several hours and manual labor by over 100 volunteers. Every year we walk away tired and with heavy hearts. Overall, we walk away proud of progress we make to help members of our community.

Valley Partnership Community Project Sunshine Acres Children's HomeThe community project is family friendly. Valley Partnership allows participants to bring guests. The TruPath team loves bringing family and friends along to share in the cause and hard work – especially the kiddos! They always have so much fun in the dirt. Inevitably some of the kids get a little bored as adults are digging, planting and building.

Valley Partnership makes the community project kid friendly by coordinating a kid’s area with crafts and painting. The kids are welcome to volunteer with the adults or paint decorations for the project’s completion. WARNING: you may walk away with a purple or blue child after an afternoon of painting.

Would you like to participate in the 2019 Valley Partnership Community Project? Contact Valley Partnership leadership.

Sunshine Acres Children's HomeRyan Nouis at Sunshine Acres Children's Home

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