4 Reasons Why Hiring During The Holidays Is A Good Idea

November 29, 2017
November 29, 2017 Lauren Gallagher

4 Reasons Why Hiring During The Holidays Is A Good Idea

Hiring during the holidays can be challenging. Business hours are abbreviated and key decision makers are likely taking time off.

There’s hope, however, if you have some crucial roles to fill during this time. After all, business still presses on.

So, how can you use this time to your advantage? Read on for 4 reasons why the holidays can actually be a great time for hiring. 

Get Ahead of Schedule

Take stock of previous years’ hiring trends and performance (if you don’t already). You’ll probably notice some trends that can help you better prepare for hiring during the holiday season. If December requires extra personnel, hopefully, you started interviewing in late September, earlier for higher-level roles. If you missed that boat, understand that you may have to plan ahead for January or even February starts. Still, you can be explicit in your description that you need to hire for December, and perhaps offer an incentive for people that can accommodate that.

Set Reasonable Expectations

The holidays need to be met with reasonable expectations. For example, if candidates are taking a little more time to get back to you than usual, give them the benefit of the doubt. They’re likely taking a digital break and spending time with family.  Additionally, take the same consideration with your own staff.  Whether your people are on an end-of-year sales crunch or organizing seasonal fundraisers, they’re likely slammed. Accommodating internal schedules will help subdue any excess anxiety during.

Take Advantage of Less Competition

Fewer companies are hiring during the holidays. That means less competition for you. The same goes for job seekers. If you’re able to stay focused on your search during this admittedly hectic time of year, take the opportunity to do so. Monster.com concurs, “applications tend to slow down during the holiday season more than openings do — tipping the balance in favor of those who do apply.”

Get Networking

Networking is one of the best ways to take advantage of hiring during the holidays. There are likely numerous events happening in your area. And what better time than this oh-so-festive season? A quick Google search will quickly point you towards happenings in your area. Even if “networking” feels like a four-letter word, try and give it a shot. Bring colleagues or a friend along. You may just find yourself talking to a great referral (or future employer/hire!).

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