January 26, 2018 TruPath

Why Strong Business Relationships are so Important in Staffing

strong business relationships

Strong business relationships between a client and service provider are important in any industry. This may be even more-so for staffing. When people are essentially your “product”, there are a number of uncontrollable factors. Plans change, counter-offers occur, and opportunities can fall through.

So how do we mitigate this? It’s all about creating strong business partnerships in staffing. Read on for 5 reasons why it’s such a crucial part of doing business successfully.

1. Better communication

A strong relationship between a client and staffing agency begins with communication. A firm shouldn’t just know what their client’s hiring needs are, they need to understand why they exist. What is their work environment like? Why is the job or jobs vacant? What kinds of people thrive there? These things should all be discussed. 

Like any partnership, it takes two to tango. This will only be effective if both the client and agency are transparent in their communication. The end result is better insight for the search and a basic level of trust between both parties.

2. It’s why clients stay

There are different reasons why people choose a service provider. In staffing it’s typically one of a couple things: the kinds of searches they work on (specialized/niche roles vs. broader opportunties) and cost. Once a client chooses a firm to work with, it’s the relationships that develops from then on that will inevitably keep their business. Per Entrepreneur, “Buyer behavior is mostly subjective and relationships are a big factor. In a service business, they’re the biggest factor, hands down.”

3. It opens up networking opportunity

It’s easy to go on LinkedIn and make digital connections. It takes more work to build and grow a working relationship. Business partnerships can last for years, and during that time both parties can help each other expand their own networks. A staffing firm may get a warm referral from another company looking for assistance or a client might get introduced to a useful resource in the business world. Providing a service to the best of your ability goes a long way (and being a good client does too)!

4. It helps with issue resolution

Have you ever had a business relationship that was strained, at best? That situation was likely only exasperated when challenges popped up. On the flip side, when you have good rapport with a client or service provider, you’re more likely to handle hiccups in a productive manner. It comes back to communication and feeling comfortable tackling issues head-on.

5. Competitive edge & happy customers

Strong business partnerships are mutually rewarding. Staffing firms that stick to their initial promises – and deliver – make happy customers. When a company has a lot of happy customers, they have a leg up on the competition. Not only that, but they’ve hired a strong candidate that works well for their organization. That person may then go on to potentially help grow their business.

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