February 11, 2015 lauren

5 Excellent Benefits Of Outsourcing Recruitment

outsourcing recruitmentIn today’s business landscape, it is becoming more difficult than ever to find ideal candidates. This is because you aren’t just competing with local businesses for talent, as workers can apply for jobs globally. A particularly sought-after candidate might attract offers from all over the world, making hiring managers very busy people. Hiring an outsourcing recruitment firm is a good solution to this problem, as it provides valuable assistance for your hiring managers.

Here are five excellent advantages of outsourcing recruitment:

1. Save Money

At the end of the day, the money that you will save is the most important reason to outsource your recruiting functions. Your company spends a certain amount of money every time a new employee is hired, which includes advertising the job, recruiting candidates, screening candidates, and conducting interviews. An RPO provider streamlines your recruiting processes, saving you money every time you make a new hire.

2. More Effective Recruiting

The business world has never been more competitive when it comes to attracting talent. It is very difficult to find quality talent before other organizations do, making it vital that you do everything in your power to give yourself a competitive advantage. A recruiting firm has the ability to reach more candidates because it has very thorough marketing efforts. The firm can also reach out to passive candidates who might not be actively looking for a new job, but would consider it if the right opportunity comes along.

3. Lower the Turnover Rate

Frequently, a high turnover rate does not signal problems with the actual job, but instead with the recruiting function. If the current recruiting process is not attracting employees who plan to stay long-term, it can increase the turnover within the organization. High turnover rates cost the company a great deal of money, so lowering it is in the organization’s best interests. A recruiting firm can take the extra time to screen candidates to ensure that they are looking for long-term employment, further reducing the company’s hiring expenses.

4. Prepare for Growth

When your company grows suddenly, you might struggle to keep up with the demand. Outsourcing your recruiting, however, can help because your recruiter can begin making hires before it puts unneeded stress on your workforce. By proactively searching for candidates before the workload becomes overwhelming, recruiters can minimize the stress that growth can cause for a business.

5. Integrate the Hiring Process

Problems can arise in an organization when recruiting and on-boarding are disjointed. When one department recruits, another one hires, and a third one handles the on-boarding, there is little chance of continuity. By using an RPO firm to handle all three processes, however, you can reduce interruptions and create a seamless transition between these functions.