February 11, 2015 lauren

5 RPO Benefits You Should Know

RPO benefitsAlthough recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is still new for many companies, it has been around for quite some time. As a manager, it is important that you learn about the RPO benefits as quickly as possible, so that you can use this process to help your organization in the future.

Here are five RPO benefits that you should know about:

1. Reduce Your Costs

Recruiting is an expensive function for many businesses, but you can reduce these costs by finding an RPO solution to meet you needs. Spending money on headhunters, posting advertisements on job boards, and hiring temporary workers will cost your company money, not to mention the hours that are used putting these strategies into place. An RPO provider can streamline the entire recruiting process and find great candidates while reducing your recruiting costs.

2. Better Candidates

Hiring managers are usually pressed for time because they have so much on their plates at any given moment. As a result, they are unable to screen many candidates as thoroughly as they would like to before making a hire. When you outsource your recruiting, however, you are leaving someone who does have the time to dig deeper in charge of the process. Therefore, you are likely to end up with candidates who not only have the adequate education, but also have a personality that will fit into your office culture.

3. Consistent Hiring Practices

In some cases, different departments have different hiring practices. This makes it difficult for candidates to get a grip on where they stand throughout this process, since things change depending on the job for which they apply. By hiring an RPO provider to handle your recruiting, you can create consistency throughout the organization, which can improve your reputation amongst job seekers in your area.

4. More Adaptable

Employee need is ever-changing within many organizations, depending on the time of year and other external factors. An RPO company will analyze all of the factors that alter the company’s need for employees to solve these problems before they grow. For example, some companies might see a swell in business during the summer months. The RPO professional will be on top of this growth and can proactively hire temporary employees before the current ones become overworked.

5. Good for Business

When a manager is forced to focus on the recruiting process, it takes him or her away from other issues within the organization. As a result, the organization as a whole suffers because this manager is unable to focus on growing the business. By leaving this manager to deal with core business functions, the RPO company improves business operations within the organization.