6 Things to Look for When Hiring for Temporary Positions in 2020

June 29, 2020
June 29, 2020 Lauren

6 Things to Look for When Hiring for Temporary Positions in 2020

Despite these unprecedented times, there are still jobs up for grabs –including temporary work. However, these positions can sometimes be difficult to recruit for because they require certain types of skill that can be hard to find. 

We asked six thought leaders what exactly to look for when hiring for temporary positions. 

Their responses will inspire you. 


Look To the Gig Economy

When hiring for temporary positions, look for people who have previously participated in the gig economy. These are going to be the people who are flexible, adaptable and can handle working in an ever-changing environment. They understand the realm of working in temporary positions and can wear different hats within your organization. Having experience in the gig economy is a positive thing that employers should gravitate towards. 

Ryan Nouis, TruPath


Look For Adaptability

 If you are hiring for a temporary position in 2020, my advice is to seek out resumes that include examples of moments where the applicant proved to be able to adapt quickly in previous temp roles. Temporary work often requires hiring individuals that are fast and willing learners. Ask potential hires about moments where they were able to keep calm and collected in a short-term position while managing several different tasks. They may be able to share examples of how they stayed late to finish an assignment — even if it wasn’t required — and proof of a patient and cheerful attitude working this short-term role.

Deborah Sweeney, MyCorporation


What’s Your Company’s Current Status?

It’s important to know what your potential hire’s current status is. For instance, if it’s a student, it is likely they’ve applied to this position wanting to learn as much as possible and get acquainted with corporate culture. A more seasoned professional is probably out of a job and will likely be looking for permanent positions. Depending on what you want from your temporary hires, keep their status in mind.

Yasir Nawaz, Pure VPN



Reliability is a top factor when hiring a temporary worker. The fact that the position is for a limited time means the employee must produce maximum results during the period. Therefore, the employer should look for traits of reliability in the potential employee. To achieve this, the employer can look for recommendation letters from former employers or ask for portfolios.

James Jason, Mitrade


An Experienced Temp Agency

We may ask potential agencies questions about how many of their temps go temporary to permanent, or are offered full-time positions. We also want to ensure that the firm we work with has a firm track record of working with companies like ours. We want to know that they understand the demands of our business so we know they are recruiting temp workers that are a good possible fit.

Blake Taylor, Synergy Business Brokers


Capitalize On Transferable Skills 

When hiring for temporary positions, don’t cancel out people who have transferable skills. Though they may have never directly worked in your industry, oftentimes there is a great pool of talent with extremely useful transferable skills. Temporary positions give the person a chance to show you what they’ve got, so don’t be quick to cancel potential candidates.

Brett Farmiloe, Staffing Agency SEO

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