8 Excellent Director of Operations Interview Questions

November 28, 2016
November 28, 2016 TruPath

8 Excellent Director of Operations Interview Questions

Are you hiring a Director of Operations to drive your company forward? It’s crucial that you find someone reliable, talented and responsible who demonstrates true potential to fill this role. A Director of Operations manages various tasks, from logistics to resources management and budget planning. Thus, the ideal candidate should understand how to handle operational problems and find positive solutions in a timely manner.

These Director of Operations interview questions will steer you in the right direction during your next hiring period.

8 Director of Operations Interview Questions

What will your past experience and education bring to your role as Director of Operations?

This is one of the top Director of Operations interview questions. It allows the candidate to dive into his or her past experience and apply it to potential experience with your company.

How big was the last team you worked with and what problems did you face?

Whether the interviewee worked for a small or large team could translate into how this Director of Operations candidate manages people. A quality Director of Operations should express versatility in managing different team sizes. Furthermore, the candidate should demonstrate ease when dealing with various problems among employees.

What kinds of daily tasks have you handled? How do you make decisions about warehousing, accounting, staffing, operations, sales, etc.?

This is one of the top Director of Operations interview questions, because it allows the candidate to discuss his or her areas of expertise in a prior role. A great decision maker who can juggle multiple day-to-day obligations is who you should be seeking. Rather than provide a broad overview of generic tasks, the candidate should provide some specific details in his or her response.

What does successful communication between different departments mean to you?

A great Director of Operations must effectively communicate and collaborate with other departments to push your company forward.

How do you manage budgets? At your previous company, what initiatives did you take to cut costs?

Keep in mind: budget planning is something that a Director of Operations is typically involved in. The goal with this interview question is to find out how much money has been spent already, how much money will be spent moving forward, as well as how the rest of the budget should be spent. This shows that the candidate can acquire resources but stay within budget limits. Even drastic moves, such as company loans, may be financial areas that a Director of Operations is involved in.

Discuss a time when someone who worked for you was underperforming. What did you do to mend the situation?

One of the top Director of Operations interview questions involves how to handle underperforming employees. Did this candidate meet one-on-one with the employee (see below)? What was the issue and how did the Director of Operations resolve it? How would the candidate handle the situation differently if it were to happen again?

How do you manage one-on-one employee meetings?

No matter which side of the table the candidate has been on (the one reviewing employees’ performance or the one being reviewed), he or she should know how to execute a smooth one-on-one meeting. Does the candidate effectively evaluate employee performance? Does he or she provide an open platform for employees to share their thoughts?

Have you participated in negotiating contracts from small or large vendors? How do you approach this, and have you succeeded?

A Director of Operations must also make sure a job or project is executed within the budget. For this task, the candidate would need to get help from outside sources (or be an expert in the field). This requires negotiation skills, so the candidate could provide examples of contracts he or she has successfully negotiated.

So, what Director of Operations interview questions would you add to this list?

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