Aerospace Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

May 11, 2017 TruPath

Aerospace Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

As an employer, finding excellent-quality engineers is a must to keep the technical side of the business running smoothly. The following aerospace engineering interview questions and answers will help you uncover the best of the best candidates. Browse these before your next hiring cycle.

Aerospace Engineering Interview Questions And Answers

Elaborate on and describe a home project you’re working on (or have finished) that’s relevant to the position.

Does the candidate dive into side projects in his/her spare time? This is one of the top aerospace engineering interview questions, as it demonstrates how the candidate takes initiative and holds outside interests from work. Engineers who tinker on their own time are likely to put more effort into their work life, too.

What were your favorite college courses? Discuss some of the most important things you learned from them.

This typically is an entry-level question for candidates, but nevertheless, it helps you discover in the interview the industry-specific classes that interested the interviewee. How might those classes apply to the position for which the candidate is vying? This question also allows you to dig deeper and check for a culture fit; did the candidate pursue any courses unrelated to his or her field?

Discuss a time when you had conflict with a co-worker. How did the situation turn out?

Working in teams always leaves room for conflict. But can the candidate handle these instances gracefully and effectively? This question reveals a true leader. Dig deep to find out the specifics of the incident, and what the interviewee learned from it.

Tell me about a time you improved a process in a past role.

When seeking the best aerospace engineering interview questions and answers, keep this one in your back pocket for the interview. What specific measures has the candidate taken to improve efficiency, output, etc.? What was the result of the process improvement? Did the candidate receive kudos for it? What would he or she do differently, if anything, reflecting back on that work?

What coding languages do you know?

A big part of aerospace engineering revolves around computer literacy. Find out what programs and coding languages the candidate excels in, and ask how these apply to the role.

Why do you want to be an aerospace engineer?

Although this seems like a broad question, it’s an important one. It opens the door for the candidate to express his/her interest in the field — from early-life aspirations to college studies to future work pursuits.

What are your goals, looking ahead?

Any qualified aerospace engineer should have formulated goals for the future. You might follow this question by asking specifics: two years down the road, five years, 10 years, and so forth. The candidate’s answer will also tell you if he/she sees your company as a long-term growth opportunity.

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