The Difference Between MSP and Other Types Of Staffing

April 14, 2020
April 14, 2020 lauren

The Difference Between MSP and Other Types Of Staffing

(Originally posted February 2015, Updated April 2020).

Undertaking a candidate search alone can be time-consuming and may seem daunting. However, by using the right staffing solution, you can make your search more efficient.

A solution many companies turn to is partnering with an outside staffing expert.

When the time comes to seek outside help with your staffing issues, you will have a few different options from which to choose.

Generally, your decision comes down to how much control you want over the hiring process.

Something to keep in mind when looking for staffing partners is the type of solutions they can provide.

Professional staffing agencies have access to many different solutions, including a managed staffing program, or MSP.

By and large, the benefits of an MSP staffing and other services that a firm provides can vary.

To help you find the right solution, we’ve compiled useful information about MSP staffing and other staffing services below.

MSP Staffing vs. Other Types of Staffing Services

MSP Staffing

A managed staffing program, or MSP, vendor works with a variety of different staffing agencies to ensure that your organization is adequately staffed at all times.

Typically, MSP firms have long-standing relationships with various other staffing firms. Thanks to these relationships, MSP firms can provide clients with candidates on time.

Additionally, the search process that an MSP uses is entirely flexible.

First, the firm will gain an understanding of your staffing requirements. Then, as those needs change as your company grows, the MSP firm will adjust its process to ensure your business remains successful.

By providing an MSP firm with your requirements, they then give this information to various staffing agencies in your area.

Next, the MSP firm selects and onboards candidates while paying the staffing agency.

The MSP firm’s team also analyzes the workers that each firm provides.

So, if you’re looking for a staffing solution that removes the burden of the search from your shoulders, an MSP firm can be a beneficial partner.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services

Recruitment process outsourcing, or RPO, firms offer a service that is very similar to that of an MSP firm. Both types of firms have an extensive network thanks to their relationships in various industries.

However, the significant difference between MSP staffing and RPO is that an RPO deals with permanent workers. Conversely, an MSP firm primarily deals with temporary hires.

Like an MSP firm, the RPO firm uses its relationships with local staffing agencies to locate qualified candidates. Since these are full-time hires, the firm is less likely to keep searching for a specific role once it is filled.

Direct Hire Services

Typically, a direct-hire of a candidate is for long-term, full-time positions. Because a direct-hire can be achieved by the company itself or through a staffing agency, you might end up making the actual hire and onboarding yourself.

With a staffing agency, you or your hiring manager works directly with the firm’s team to receive the right candidates.

The main goal of a direct-hire service is to find candidates to reach out to with a job offer directly.

So, this solution does give you more control over the process but may leave you with more time-consuming work.

Temporary Staffing Services

Much like a direct-hire firm, temporary staffing organizations will come up with a few candidates to fill your holes and allow you to make the final decision. However, as the name implies, temporary hiring services are for short term needs.

So, the main difference to consider when choosing temporary vs. direct hire services is the short or long term needs that you have.

Let’s say an employee leaves your company suddenly. In this scenario, you may require a new employee quickly. Here, temporary staffing services are beneficial because you can hire a temporary employee without sacrificing your long-term search.

In other words, you can fill the position as needed while looking for the right long-term candidate to hire. Plus, temp-to-hire services are useful for assessing the exact fit of an employee before making a final hiring decision.

Are you looking for a way to streamline your search process?

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