February 13, 2015 lauren

The Difference Between MSP and Other Types Of Staffing

MSPWhen the time comes to seek outside help with your staffing issues, you will have a few different options from which to choose. In the end, your decision comes down to how much control you want over the hiring process and how much you want to outsource to a third party.

Professional staffing agencies have access to many different solutions, including a managed staffing program (MSP). Here is the difference between MSP and other types of staffing:

MSP Staffing Explained

A managed staffing program, or MSP, vendor works with a variety of different staffing agencies to ensure that your organization is adequately staffed at all times. In a sense, the MSP takes over your temporary staffing from top to bottom.

The firm will obtain the proper requirements from you, give this information to various staffing agencies in your area, select and onboard candidates, pay the staffing agency, and analyze the workers that each firm provides.

As a result, you won’t have to deal with staffing agencies or hiring temporary workers any longer because the MSP will do it for you.

RPO Firm

An RPO firm offers a service that is very similar to that of an MSP, except for it deals with permanent workers. In basic terms, an RPO vendor will manage the hiring on your full-time workers, while the MSP solution handles your temporary workers.

The RPO will locate and onboard full-time workers that are found through local staffing agencies. This ensures that you always have enough staff members to keep your needs.

Direct Hire Services

Direct hire staffing firms will provide you with a number of candidates for a full-time position, leaving you to handle the rest. You will deal with making the actual hire and on-boarding the new hires.

You or your hiring manager works directly with the staffing firm throughout this process to ensure that you receive adequate candidates. While this leaves you with more direct control over the situation, it also makes for more work.

Temporary Staffing Services

Much like a direct hire firm, temporary staffing organizations will come up with a few candidates to fill your holes and allow you to make the final decision. This is an ideal situation for some employers because it gives them the final call.

If your hiring manager is already being overworked, however, this probably isn’t the ideal solution to your problem. You will also be in charge of managing your temporary employees, so you will have to track your need for more or fewer workers at all times.