Should I Get a Contract Job? How To Approach The Job Hunt

March 13, 2017
March 13, 2017 TruPath

Should I Get a Contract Job? How To Approach The Job Hunt

Landing a contract job may not seem glamorous or exciting, but sometimes, buckling down and securing a job is a necessity. If you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I get a contract job?’ then keep reading for some positives and negatives behind working a contract job to decide whether it suits you.

Should I Get a Contract Job?


Who knows if it will stay temporary?

If you show up to your contract job with a positive attitude and strong work ethic and perform accordingly, you may be pleasantly surprised with how much value you bring to the position and the potential longevity of your work. In general, the length of contract jobs has increased significantly, in terms of following cycles of economic recession and slow job growth. You shouldn’t necessarily count or depend on a contract job blossoming into something serious and long-term. But thinking positively and affirmatively, coupled with strong performance at work, are powerful tools that have the potential to lead you far.

Networking Benefits

Even if your contract job doesn’t last long, you will likely make significant connections with other members of your company, as well as the other companies with which they are affiliated. Working a contract job helps expand your list of contacts and potentially give you some solid references for future endeavors.

Gain New Skills

Even if the contract job you’re considering isn’t necessarily your field or area of expertise, view it as an opportunity to learn and grow. You’ll likely pick up some new skills working at your contract job that you can add to your resume and apply at later, more relevant work.

Buy Some Time

Your contract job is likely not your dream job, but it’s definitely a plus to secure an income while on the job hunt. It’s also possible that the contract position can buy you some benefits (i.e. insurance.) It’s okay to let your supervisor know your priorities and that you seek different opportunities elsewhere. However, accepting the job proves a smart idea to avoid unemployment while you search. Further, it will help to close gaps in your resume, which often aren’t attractive to any employer.


Lack of Security

Contract jobs have that name for a reason. While they have the potential to transition and lead you to greater opportunities, you often only complete short-term work on a temporary basis. You may be unsure how long you are actually going to remain at the company. This can prove difficult for some people. If this lack of security is something you feel like may bother you, maybe a contract job isn’t for you.

Workplace Treatment

Employees who work contract positions often report feeling like second-class citizens at their contract jobs. They may not feel like they truly make up part of the team. If you worry about receiving exclusionary behavior from your employers, you might want to reconsider assuming a contract job.

Tedious Assignments

Taking on a contract job can potentially entail completing monotonous tasks and assignments. Other members of the company simply may not wish to do these tasks. If you are in a real pinch for some cash and are willing to do this work, it may not matter much to you. But it’s definitely something to consider before accepting a contract job.

Contract jobs are incredibly common in today’s professional world. More positives than negatives exist to working a contract role. But hopefully, these tips and insights help to see if this kind of work fits you well.

So, when you’re asking yourself, ‘Should I get a contract job?’ it’s time to weigh pros and cons to see if it might be a great fit.

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